Wolf and Warrior Brewing Company

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Looking to catch a bite to eat in White Plains NY? Want to try some local beer? In need of a fun vibe? Head over to Wolf and Warrior Brewing Company!

wolf and warrior sign.

Getting There

Conveniently located in downtown White Plains NY, Wolf & Warrior is next to everything. If you are visiting from outside of the city, there is a Metro North stop not too far away. The White Plains Metro North stop is only about eight blocks away from the Brewing Company.

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If you enjoy taking the bus around, Westchester County does offer a robust bus system. The bus system is otherwise known as the Bee-Line. The 40 line has a local stop a few blocks from the brewery. Be sure to get off at Mamaroneck Avenue & Martine Avenue. From there, you are about two blocks away.

Driving in is always an option and is what my wife and I did on our way home to CT from NYC. The brewery and downtown White Plains NY are conveniently located off of I-287.

There is ample parking on Waller Avenue one block from the brewery. Parking is a reasonable rate for street parking, the parking garage, and parking lot! It was only a few dollars for us to stay for the entirety of our dinner.

wolf and warrior from the street.

What to Drink

Being a brewery, naturally Wolf and Warrior Brewing Company is a wonderful place for a great beer. They are a five barrel capacity brewery in the heart of White Plains.

Grab a pint or try a flight, there is a beer at Wolf & Warrior for everyone. Be sure to visit the brewery or website frequently. The tap list is constantly changing!

The following beer styles are just a sample of what Wolf & Warrior brews best: New England IPAs, West Coast IPAs, Blonde ales, fest biers, German lagers, cider, and more!

My wife is a huge fan of trying everything, so naturally she got a beer tasting with a flight of four. Her flight consisted of a wide array of beer styles. On her flight was a New England IPA, double NEIPA, cider, and of course her favorite style, a sour. All good beer.

beer flight.
Try a flight of beers if you don’t know what you want. Or in my wife’s case, to catch up on Untappd!

I like beers with a little more hops than her, so I got their Way Out West. This was one of the better west coast india pale ales that I have had in some time! I really enjoyed that the brewery went through the effort to draw out their tap board! It really added an authentic feel to the location!

Be sure to ask the staff for help if you are unsure of what to get. The friendly staff were great to helping my wife narrow down her flight to four beers.

beer list.
A glimpse of the tap list the day we went. It is constantly changing!

Food Options

The great thing about this brewery is it has a full menu if you are looking to get a bite to eat. They have everything from small plates to full meals. We were starving coming out of the city, so, we got some share ables and meals for ourselves.

For me, I got their Juicy Lucy. This burger with melted, classic American cheese, smashed with sauteed onions really hit the spot. It was cooked all around to perfection.

The Juicy Lucy, filled with flavor! They have some great table food!

What to Do At Wolf and Warrior Brewing Company

There are multiple places within the brewery. The main area where you walk in from the street is their bar and restaurant. It also serves as their shop.

Toward the back of the bar, there is a big shelf full of board games. Stay awhile with a few friends and get into some heated competition.

Underneath the bar is their brewery. This is where my wife and I had dinner with our daughter to have a quiet space away from everyone. Downstairs features a number of tables and couches with an open view of the brewing process!

couch and mural.

Wolf & Warrior also features a beer garden and outdoor sidewalk seating. when we visited, it was 100 degrees out and far too hot to drink beer outside with our daughter. We like the heat with a perfect pint; but, Magnolia doesn’t like the heat!

wolf and warrior inside.
Entry down to the brewery

Why Visit

Wolf & Warrior is the perfect place for many occasions. Whether you are looking for a relaxing location for a pint, a nice business for dinner, or want to take on your local beer garden, look no further than Wolf & Warrior Brewing Company.

With a wide array of beers from New England india pale ales to ciders and everything in between there will certainly be a style of beer for everyone.


Where is the best place to park at Wolf & Warrior Brewing Company?

The Lyron Place Parking Garage. This garage is directly behind the Wolf and Warrior Brewery. There’s usually plenty of parking in this garage. There is also street parking available.

Does Wolf & Warrior serve food?

Yes! Wolf & Warrior has a wide selection of food options. You can get typical bar apps, burgers, sandwiches, and more.

When is Wolf & Warrior Brewing Company open?

Wolf and Warrior Brewing Company is closed on Monday’s. They are open Tuesday through Thursday from 12:00-10PM. Friday and Saturday’s they are open later until 12AM. Sunday’s they have more limited hours from 1PM-9PM.


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