Travel Essentials for  Women


Travel Essentials for Women

Do you love to travel? If so, it’s important you have an ultimate list of travel essentials so you don’t risk leaving the absolute must-haves at home! Check out my favorite traveling essentials for women that you’ll want to be sure to pack on your next trip!

Insect  Repellant

You don't want to get chewed from head to toe by mosquitos! The constant itching is sure to ruin your vacation. So don't forget the repellent.

Hair Accessories

No matter where you’re traveling to, you’re probably going to need to comb your hair. Make sure you also remember hair ties. I will usually bring at least 5 hair ties because I am very good at losing them.

Makeup Bag

While most women always remember to pack makeup, it’s essential to remember to bring your makeup remover too! You do not want to have to try removing waterproof makeup with soap, water, and a rough hotel washcloth.


Feminine products are a must whether you are traveling or not. I always have pads and tampons on hand. You never know if your period might come early!

Dental Essentials

Not only do you want to pack a toothbrush and toothpaste, but be sure to have dental floss and a brush head cover too.

When traveling, women typically need to pack more than men. There are a number of items that are essential for women to have when hitting the road. This list covered the basics that every woman should have in her travel bag.

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