Southford Falls State Park CT

Looking to chase a waterfall that doesn’t involve a hike? Look no further than Southford Falls State Park! This CT park is home to a stunning waterfall close to the parking lot, picnic areas, and hiking trails!

Southford Falls State Park is a great place to go for a hike! The most popular trail here is the Southford Falls Red Trail. The trail is about 1.7 miles long. There’s plenty to see along this trail!

The first thing site to see is the waterfall! It is a short walk from the parking lot and you can walk right up to the falls.

As you head along the trail, you'll reach the Watchtower. This metal tower is a cool site to see in the middle of the woods!

There's also a beautiful boardwalk that goes along the brook in the woods. It's very peaceful.

Aside from hiking, other popular things to do at this park are fishing in the pond and picnicking. This park is a great place for some family fun!

It should also be noted that this Connecticut State Park is dog-friendly!