Millers Pond State Park CT

Looking for a Connecticut hike with some nice water views? Take a trip to Millers Pond State Park in Durham, CT! This Connecticut State Park features a beautiful pond and great wooded areas for hiking!

Millers Pond State Park is a very popular spot to go hiking! There are various trails in the park, making it easy to make your hike as long or as short as you want. The most popular trail is the trail around the pond. There are plenty of spots along this trail with stunning views of the pond!

A favorite feature of mine on the Millers Pond Trail is the metal bridge. But, I always enjoy a good bridge! The bridge offers some great views of the pond.

It’s important to note that the trails around the pond can be very rocky in spots. Additionally, there are some spots along the path that have a lot of roots. Be sure to wear proper shoes for your hike and watch your step!

Not only are the trails great for hiking, but they also make for great mountain biking trails! The best trail for mountain biking is the Millers Pond Red Loop Trail. This trail features freeride type drops, jumps, and stunts.

At Millers Pond, you can also go fishing! The fishing areas are along the banks of the pond. While fishing, you can expect to catch a variety of freshwater fish.

Millers Pond State Park also allows hunting. The wooded land makes for a great hunting spot. You can expect to find turkeys, deer, waterfowl, and small game.