Little Island NYC

Looking to visit a city park with some stunning views? Check out Little Island NYC! This quaint little park offers some stunning views on the west shores of Manhattan.

My personal favorite view is at ‘Southwest Overlook’ looking south at the Financial District. This observation deck is located on the southern end of the island.

There is also another high point on Little Island worth visiting. Located just north of ‘The Amph’, be sure to keep a lookout for New York City skyline icons.

What I find fascinating about the Little Island at Pier 55 is the design. Built atop the remains of Pier 54, Little Island consists of 132 concrete ‘tulips’ that support the green space.

Little Island also hosts a 687 seat amphitheater located on the northwest corner of the island. The Amph has a number of ticketed events all summer long. Enjoy some summer concerts while the weather is warm.