Mount Equinox Skyline Drive in VT

Looking for an unforgettable drive to do in Vermont? Check out the Mount Equinox Skyline Drive! Take the beautiful mountain road to the summit for some seriously breathtaking views.

The Mount Equinox Skyline Drive is located in Arlington, VT. You'll start your journey at the Welcome Center. Here, you'll pay the toll to access the road up to the summit.

To get up to the summit, you will take the paved toll road. The road itself is 5.2 miles. It's the longest private paved road in the US!

As you drive up, there are several paved pull-off areas to park and enjoy some of the views! There are also some picnic areas along the mountain road to enjoy a lunch with some amazing views!

When you get to the top of the mountain, you’ll see the Bruno Scenic Viewing Center. Inside you'll find exhibits as well as a prayer room.

The top also offers stunning views! The viewing center has signs on each side so you will know what you’re looking at.

There are also various trails that you can hike once you’re at the summit. Be sure to explore the summit on foot!

One of the popular trails to take is about a 40 minute out and back to a spot called Lookout Rock. There is a bench here to enjoy the views!

Once you’ve enjoyed all that the summit offers, you’ll have to make your way back down the mountain. It is recommended that you make at least two stops to give your brakes a break.

We saved stopping for the way down to ensure we gave the car plenty of breaks on the way down. There were many great views, including stunning mountain views and the Carthusian monastery.