While many people associate New Haven with being a happening downtown area, there's more than just the city to explore. There's also a beautiful lighthouse you can visit! Lighthouse Point Park is a must visit if you're in New Haven!

The easiest way to get to Lighthouse Point Park is by taking I-95. From I-95, you'll take exit 51 on to Frontage Road, also known as Route 1. You'll then take a turn on to Route 337. The park is located on Lighthouse Road in New Haven.

The main attraction at this park is viewing the lighthouse! Five Mile Point Lighthouse is a 70 foot brick lighthouse.

In addition to Five Mile Point Light, you can also see a second lighthouse from this park! The other lighthouse you can view is Southwest Ledge Light.

Additionally, it's a great spot for bird watching. The park offers a variety of habitats which attract many different species of birds, including seabirds, wading birds, and woodland species.

The park is also home to a sandy beach that is popular with swimmers and sunbathers during the summer months. But, it's also a peaceful spot to visit in the winter months.

Lighthouse Point Park is home to some of the best fishing around. This park offers plenty of activities for anglers and non-anglers alike.

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