Hiking Trails in Rhode Island


Hiking Trails in Rhode Island

Hiking is a great way for you to have some time to yourself, enjoy the great outdoors, and generally have a good time. It's no secret that hiking in Rhode Island is a great thing to do, but there are many other reasons why the walking trails in this Southern New England state is such an amazing experience.

Beavertail State Park - Jamestown

Beavertail State Park is one of my favorite places to hike in Rhode Island. Not only is the Beavertail trail along the cliffs filled with great views, but there's also a lighthouse, old bunkers, and lots of wildlife!

Fort Adams State Park - Newport

Situated at the mouth of the Newport Harbor, Fort Adams offers an exceptional panoramic view of both Newport Harbor and the East Passage of Narragansett Bay. After your hike, you can also take a tour of the historic Fort Adams!

Napatree Point - Watch Hill

This is a great trail to explore, and there are many places to take photos. The views from the top of the dunes gives you a great view of the ocean and the sound. There is also an old war bunker situated at the end of the trail!

Quonochontaug Pond and Beach Sand Trail

Even if you're not a wildlife fanatic like I am, you can enjoy a nice leisurely walk down the beach and listen to the calming sounds of the waves crashing along the shore. There's also a great overlook just up the road.

Fort Getty State Park - Jamestown

Fort Getty Park is located in Jamestown, which is an island in between Newport and the mainland. This park features a beautiful rocky beach that's great for walks. You can even view Dutch Island Lighthouse from the park. This park is also a campground so it's great if you're into hiking and camping!

There are plenty of hiking trails in Rhode Island to enjoy the scenery! We hope you enjoy those that we've shared with you!

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