Road Trip Hacks to Make the Time Fly By


Fun Road Trip Hacks

Don't let the prospect of driving countless hours on a road trip get you down. Here are some easy road trip hacks to make the time go by as quickly as possible.


One of the most popular road trip hacks is hanging an iPad, Kindle or other monitor off the seat in front of the kids. You can get a headrest tablet mount for fairly cheap on Amazon! This is obviously unnecessary if you're lucky enough to have a car equipped with built-in viewing monitors.

Money Saving Hacks

For the best gas prices, download the GasBuddy app before your trip. The app finds the cheapest gas stations in your area as you make your way to your final destination.


Your kids can have fun playing family photographer. Have them keep a diary of what they're taking pictures of; instruct them to record the exact place, date and time of each individual photo ... that'll kill some tedious time.

Sleeping in the Car

That's why one of the smartest road trip hacks for solo (or for couples) travelers is bringing an inflatable raft or camping sleeping pad. Use the raft or pad as your mattress. They also have inflatable car air mattresses you can buy for a reasonable price!

Packing Hacks

Another way to organize kid-friendly knickknacks, says Red Tricycle, is hanging a shoe organizer from the back of each front seat. But, you can also get a nifty backseat car organizer with a tablet holder built in!

Family road trips don't have to be a complete pain. Use some of these road trip hacks to make your life easier and to hopefully save some money!

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