Birds of Rhode Island


Birds You'll Find in Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island is home to an impressive diversity of bird life. Rhode Island is one of my favorite states to go bird-watching. More than 350 different species have been spotted in the state, including everything from songbirds to raptors.

Yellow Warbler

The avian residents of Rhode Island represent a diverse assemblage of families, with nearly 120 different species documented. The largest bird family in the state is the songbirds, which includes warblers, sparrows, and thrushes.

The Willet

Hawks and eagles are the largest predatory birds in Rhode Island, while gulls and terns are the most common seabirds. Herons, egrets, and ibises are represented by several different species, while ducks and geese are also common waterfowl.

The Crow

The most common birds in Rhode Island are typically those that thrive in human-altered environments, such as crows, pigeons, and seagulls. Songbirds and raptors also make up a large percentage of the avian population in Rhode Island.

White Throated Sparrow

Other birds that are common are Sparrows. Some sparrows you can expect to see if you're in Rhode Island are House Sparrows, White Throated Sparrows, Song Sparrows and the Chipping Sparrow.

The Piping Plover

The piping plover is a small, sand-colored bird that is listed as threatened by the federal government and endangered in Rhode Island. The plover was once common on beaches along the Atlantic coast, but its population has declined due to habitat loss and predation by domesticated animals.

When it comes to the birds of Rhode Island, there is a great deal of variety to be found. From songbirds to waterfowl, there is something for everyone who enjoys wildlife. The best time to go birding in Rhode Island is during the spring and fall migrations, when the most species can be seen. However, even during the winter months there are plenty of birds around to watch and enjoy.

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