10+ Best Waterfalls in Connecticut

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The waterfalls in Connecticut are definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a spectacular sight. Whether you’re driving up the highway and spot one from the road, or you take a hike through the woods to find hidden cascades, these falls will take your breath away.

chapman falls waterfall in connecticut.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and peaceful place to visit in Connecticut, waterfalls are the perfect option. There are several falls located throughout the state, each with its own unique features and charms.

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With so many interesting angles and vantage points, waterfalls make for some amazing photographs. They’re also perfect for connecting with nature. These are just a few reasons to see the falls of my home state.

What to know before you go

If you’re looking for an interesting outdoor activity to do in Connecticut, waterfalling is a great option. There are many waterfalls in the state, and most of them are easy to get to with an easy hike.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind.

1. There are plenty of waterfalls to explore in Connecticut, many of which are easily accessible.
2. Some waterfalls are more popular than others, so be prepared for crowds at the most popular spots.
3. Always be careful around waterfalls and obey all posted signs.
4. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather and bring plenty of water and snacks.
5. Have fun and be safe while waterfalling in Connecticut!


Before heading out, here’s my top tips for viewing Connecticut falls.

Note the weather conditions

If it’s been really dry, the waterfalls are likely to be trickling. If you’re looking to see waterfalls that are gushing with water, make sure you go right after a heavy rain. If I’m looking to do long exposure shots, I like to go when it hasn’t been super rainy because then I get more details in my shots.

Plan out your trip

Connecticut is small, but if you’re trying to see multiple waterfalls in one day, look to see which ones are close to each other as well as ones that are short hikes to the falls. No matter what part of the state you go to, you’re sure to see some great falls!

Wear appropriate shoes

While you can see some waterfalls right from the lot in Connecticut, some require a bit of hiking to get to. Make sure you have a good pair of hiking shoes and ones you don’t mind getting muddy. You can expect some mud, especially if you go waterfalling right after it rains to see full falls!

Have a map

Review hiking trail maps and/or download them to your phone before the hike. I like to use AllTrails, but there are other similar apps that show you hiking trails. Some trails are very clearly marked, but others are not. Make sure you know where you’re going to ensure you didn’t do miles of hiking just to not find the falls!

Best Waterfalls in Connecticut

If you’re looking for a place to cool off and take in some stunning natural scenery, then you need to check out the waterfalls in Connecticut. There are plenty of them scattered throughout the state, and each one is unique.

Here are some of the best spots to find the most impressive waterfalls in Connecticut.

Kent Falls – Kent, CT

main waterfall at kent falls state park.

Kent Falls State Park has one of the most stunning waterfalls that Connecticut has to offer. It is located in the northwestern corner of Connecticut in Kent, CT. This stunning waterfall is easily accessible. It is a very short walk from the parking lot to the falls.

Believe it or not, Kent Falls State Park is home to much more than just this grand waterfall. There is a well-maintained staircase that takes you up the hill along the Kent Falls Brook. There are various other cascades with viewing platforms as you go up. I didn’t know this the first time I went, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw waterfall after waterfall.

Since this natural waterfall is in the very top corner of the state, it might seem like a trek to get there, but it’s completely worth it. Even the drive through Litchfield County to get there is absolutely beautiful! Kent Falls State Park is 2 hours from me, but I don’t even mind taking the drive up because the drive up Route 7 has great views of the Litchfield Hills and the Housatonic River.

Chapman Falls – East Haddam, CT

campbell falls at devil's hopyard state park.

Chapman Falls has been a waterfall that I’ve been going to since I was a little kid. This stunning waterfall can be found at Devil’s Hopyard State Park. There is a parking lot right by the falls, but it is also a quick walk from the main lot.

This waterfall is on the Eightmile River. While you’re here, you can also hike the various trails that this state park has to offer. Cross over the newly re-done covered bridge over the river to do the hike to the vista! The views from the top won’t disappoint!

Wadsworth Falls – Middletown, CT

A serene waterfall in Connecticut flows gently over a rocky ledge into a calm pool below, surrounded by a forest lightly dusted with snow.

Wadsworth Falls State Park features a stunning waterfall that’s known as Wadsworth Big Falls. While most people go to this park to see the big falls, there is also Wadsworth Little Falls. Getting to the big falls is a short walk from the parking lot. Wadsworth Little Falls on the other hand is a bit more of a hike. Be sure to see them both when you visit!

A cascading waterfall flows over rock ledges in a Connecticut forest, with fallen logs scattered across the water at its base.

Indian Leap Falls – Norwich, CT

Indian Leap Falls, also known as Yantic Falls, is another favorite of mine that’s close to home. There was actually a point in time where I was visiting these beautiful falls on a weekly basis. It was hard not to because they’re only 15 minutes from home.

This waterfall on the Yantic River is more than just a stunning fall. This waterfall also has a rich history. This 1.2-acre landmark along the Yantic River is the site of the culmination of the Battle of Great Plains between the Mohegan and Narragansett Tribes.

Enders Falls – Granby, CT

Enders Falls State Forest is another great place to go waterfalling in Connecticut. Enders Falls is located in Granby, Connecticut. There are various falls and cascades to view. I went for the first time last year for my birthday.I was only expecting to see one main fall, but I was excited to find many falls!

Indian Wells Falls – Shelton, CT

Indian Wells Falls at Indian Well State Park in Shelton, Connecticut is definitely a must see! This waterfall is a slender 15-foot fall that dumps into an attractive pool almost completely enclosed within a circular gorge. It really is quite beautiful!

Dividend Pond Falls – Rocky Hill, CT

Dividend Pond Falls is an absolute beauty. It is a very short walk from the lot to view this spectacular waterfall. If you go to this waterfall, make sure you wear lots of bug repellant. When I went, I got eaten alive by bugs. But, the falls were so pretty, I stuck around to take plenty of pictures!

Buttermilk Falls – Plymouth, CT

Buttermilk Falls is located in in Plymouth, Connecticut. The parking area is very small and it can be easy to miss. My first trip there, I questioned whether or not I was at the right place because it really just looks like a small pull-off. From the parking lot, it is a very quick .6 milk walk to view these gorgeous waterfalls. It’s a great spot to go waterfalling that takes very little effort for great views!

Roaring Brook Falls – Cheshire, CT

Roaring Brook Falls is a must see if you’re in Connecticut. This waterfall is truly a hidden gem. At 80 feet tall, this waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Connecticut! The first time I went, I was blown away by the sheer size and beauty of this fall. It’s hard to believe this beautiful waterfall is right here in Connecticut.

If you’re going to view this waterfall, be sure to hike counterclockwise because there are many steep parts on this trail. Also make sure you download a trail map before you go because some parts of the trail are not well marked.

Ayers Gap Falls – Franklin, CT

Ayers Gap Preserve is home to not one, but two stunning waterfalls. The waterfalls are located in an area known as Bailey’s Ravine. Most people only know about the main fall that the main hiking trail leads to.

While the first and main waterfall is beautiful, the second, harder to find waterfall is worth the search. When I first visited this preserve, I was only expecting to see the one waterfall. But, being the person who loves water that I am, I went off the main path to walk back to my car along the Bailey’s Brook. Along the way, I found a giant, breath-taking waterfall. I sat at this waterfall for a while admiring its beauty. If you make your way to Ayers Gap, make sure you don’t miss this hidden gem!

Case Mountain Waterfall – Manchester, CT

Case Mountain features a beautiful waterfall that falls through a beautiful stone bridge. It’s really quite beautiful! The great thing about this waterfall is it is an extremely short walk form the parking lot. You can actually see the falls from the lot, but you’ll want to make the short walk to get a closer look.

You can view this beautiful waterfall from the bottom and the top of the falls. While they’re there, be sure to explore the various trails that this park has to offer!

case mountain waterfall viewed from the upper side.


Planning to go waterfalling in Connecticut? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions!

Where is the biggest waterfall in CT?

Roaring Brook Falls is the tallest waterfall in Connecticut at 80 feet tall.

How many waterfalls are in Connecticut?

There are over 75 different waterfalls in Connecticut!

What is the prettiest waterfall in CT?

This answer will vary depending on who you talk to. But after visiting a majority of waterfalls in Connecticut, I think the prettiest one is Kent Falls because of it’s grand size and various different falls.

Can you swim at the falls?

Yes, in some places you can swim in the waterfalls in Connecticut. There are several waterfalls in the state that are perfect for swimming. The water is usually cold, but refreshing on a hot day. Be careful when swimming in these falls, as they can be dangerous.


Love to chase waterfalls? There’s some amazing waterfalls near Bend, Oregon, on the other side of the country.

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