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Two Wrasslin’ Cats Coffee House

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Looking for a cute local business to support in East Haddam, CT? Check out Two Wrasslin’ Cats Coffee House! This cute cat-themed coffee shop has great food and drinks with a great atmosphere. The best part? There are actual cats you can hangout with there!

two wrasslin cats building.

About The Coffee house

This colorful coffee house and cafe is situated in a circa 1784 house in the small town of East Haddam, CT. Its mission is to welcome all people, build a community asset and provide unmatched customer service while serving outstanding fresh food and coffee.

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This coffee house is a dream for any cat lover. Two Wrasslin’ Cats itself has a cute and cozy atmosphere. It’s super welcoming from the moment you pull up! Many people are drawn in by its colorful exterior.

front of two wrasslin cats.
The front of the building that faces the road. The pink ramp takes you to the Cat Lounge to hangout with kittens!

Once you get inside, there is cat decor galore. The decor is all unique, and it almost has a thrift or antique store feel to it. Every decoration inside is definitely unique! Some of the cat art on the walls is even for sale!

bar stool seating with cat decor on the wall.


They have a variety of seating available from outdoor seating to indoor seating. If the weather is nice, the outdoor seating is a great option! There’s seating by the entrance, on the back deck, and at picnic tables near a fountain decorated with cats.

outdoor picnic table and fountain.

The indoor seating is also really nice! I recommend getting a spot close to the wall by the fireplace so you can watch the kittens play while you eat. However, there’s no bad seat in the building!

indoor seating at two wrasslin cats.
The see-through doors on the left and right of the fireplace serve as a window into the Cat Lounge!

Getting To Two Wrasslin’ Cats

The cat cafe is located in East Haddam, CT. Many people are familiar with downtown East Haddam, as it is quite a touristy area.

This coffee house is about a mile and a half from downtown East Haddam and Good Speed Opera House. It’s also a short drive to Gillette Castle State Park which is about 3 and a half miles away. And, if you’re in the mood for ice cream after lunch in the summer, Salem Valley Farms is just a 20 minute drive!

The Food & Drinks

Whether you’re looking to get breakfast or lunch, Two Wrasslin’ Cats has you covered. There’s good coffee too!

This local coffee house has a variety of sandwiches and wraps. There’s something for everyone on the menu!


If you’re looking to get breakfast, the cafe’s breakfast sandwiches do not disappoint. When I went, I got Howie’s Western sandwich, which featured scrambled eggs, ham, roasted red peppers, red onions, and cheddar cheese.

western egg sandwich.
When I went, I got Howie’s Western on an Asiago bagel. This breakfast sandwich was delicious!

If Howie’s Western isn’t your cup of tea, there are other options on the menu. Some other options are the Littermate, Kitten Classic. The Littermate features scrambled eggs with a choice of either cheese or meat. The Kitten Classic features scrambled eggs and your choice of meat and cheese. These are great options if you’re looking for a classic egg sandwich.

Another option is Harry’s Start. If you’re into spicy food, then I’d recommend giving this sandwich a try. It features scrambled eggs, a sausage patty, jalapeños, and American Cheese. It has the perfect amount of heat to it!

It’s also worth noting that there are several options for breads and bagels that you can get your bagel on. I love being able to personalize my sandwich! They were even great about my mom who is low-carb, they served her everything you’d get on a Western in a bowl for her.

scrambled eggs and ham.

Another important thing to note is breakfast is served until 11am! So if you’re looking for breakfast, be sure to get there before 11!


Two Wrasslin’ Cats also has a variety of options for lunch! Whether you’re looking to build your own sandwich to your liking or order one of the many sandwiches on the menu, there’s something to suit all!

There are a lot of unique sandwiches available on the menu. Some of these unique sandwiches are the Furry Curry Chicken Salad and the Calico Chicken Salad.

The Furry Curry Chicken Salad has diced chicken, apricots, raisins, pecans, and mayo. The Calico Chicken Salad has diced chicken, Granny Smith apples, craisins, pecans, and mayo. It’s definitely not your typical chicken salad!

If you’re looking for more of a classic sandwich, some great options are Larry’s Reuben, the Cat-prese, the Kitten Club, or Four Little Kittens Grilled Cheese.

To see their full menu, be sure to check out their website!


This cat-themed coffee shop is also known for its great coffee! They have a variety of coffee from espresso drinks, fresh brewed coffee, and iced coffee. They have various flavor shots available to add to your coffee as well!

Other drinks they have available are teas, lattes, hot chocolates, and smoothies. Additionally, they have some great options to go along with your breakfast like milk and various juices!

Baked Goods

As if this place couldn’t get any better, they also offer baked goods! Some options available are muffins, scones, cinnamon rolls, coffee cake, croissants, and cookies! If you’re full from your regular meal, be sure to grab some to-go!

The Wrasslin’ Cats’ Lounge

Before I visited, I did not expect to be able to hangout with cats! After we had paid for our food, the owner told us to let him know if we wanted to play with some kittens. We of course said yes!

The Wrasslin’ Cats’ Lounge is a pretty decent sized room on the front of the building where you can go hangout with real life cats! When we went, there were five absolutely adorable kittens. we were actually able to watch them playing from where we sat in the coffee shop!

cat lounge with cat toys and chairs.

We all had the absolute best time hanging out with the kittens in the lounge. The were such friendly kittens and they were little purr babies.

The cats were coming up to us, laying in our lap, and we got lots of kitty kisses from the kittens! This lounge alone is a huge reason to visit this small town coffee shop. We didn’t want to leave!

girl petting a cat.

reasons to Visit Two Wrasslin’ Cats Coffee House

There are so many reasons why you should visit Two Wrasslin’ Cats Coffee House. First and foremost, this place is a every cat lover’s dream.

The unique cat decor at every turn and the real live cats are awesome. On top of the awesome cat stuff, this spot has some seriously good food and drinks. And the best part is, the staff is super friendly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What days are Two Wrasslin’ Cats Coffee House open?

This cute little coffee shop is open Monday and Wednesday-Sunday. On these days, they’re open from 9am-3pm. They’re closed on Tuesdays.

Is Two Wrasslin’ Cats Coffee House worth visiting?

YES!! I would absolutely recommend visiting this cute little coffee house. There’s great food, a great atmosphere, and friendly staff. And, the best part, you get to PLAY WITH CATS!


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