The Cloak and Wand (Mystic CT)

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Looking for something fun and unique to do while visiting Mystic? Check out The Cloak and Wand located in Mystic Village! This shop is a local fantasy wizarding and witchcraft shop that also happens to have a potion bar inside!

the cloak and wand storefront.

Whether you’re someone who practices magic or someone just looking for a new experience, this shop is a great place to shop. Magical people and non magical people alike can enjoy this shop!

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The Shop

As expected, this magical shop in Olde Mistick Village is filled with magical items. Some items you can expect to find here are cloaks, wands, potions, brooms, enchanted plants, and books. Additionally, you can find some cool apparel here!

the cloak and wand books for sale.

If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you’ll be able to find many Harry Potter items throughout the store. Some of the things you can expect to find here are books, candles, decor, and apparel. My inner child was definitely loving all of the Harry Potter themed items I saw!

harry potter items in the cloak and wand.
Not going to lie, I wanted to buy all of the Harry Potter Stuff, especially the Raven Claw items, as that’s my house. This is only a fraction of the Harry Potter themed items they have in the store!

As I mentioned above, you are able to buy wands here. They have 21 different styles to choose from, each one unique from the next. They’re all made of different materials that are good for different magical things.

wands available at the cloak and wand for purchase.
Assortment of wands available to buy at the shop.

In addition to selling wands, The Cloak and Wand does indeed sell cloaks as well! If you’re interested in buying a cloak, make sure you talk to one of employees to help you!

cloaks on a rack in the cloak and wand.
Cloaks for purchase in the store.

The Potion Bar

The Potion Bar is a very cool aspect of The Cloak and Wand. Here, you can get some specially brewed potions to enjoy. They offer both cold and hot potions. They’re all quite delicious!

potion bar at the cloak and wand.
The Potion Bar located within the store.

They have a variety of potions on the menu and you can also make your own. If you’re planning on making your own potion, there are 64 different flavors that you can mix and match.

hot drink from the cloak and wand topped with whipped cream.
A hot chocolate flavored potion from the bar. I absolutely loved this potion, I went the create your own potion route with this and it came out amazing!

One of the cool things about making your own is they will tell you what kind of potion you ended up making. This is based on what ingredients you chose for your potion. The ingredients, along with the name of the potion, will be printed on your cup when you receive it!

list of potion ingredients on cup.
Based on the ingredients I added to my potion, I made a #14, which is a Psychic Potion and they claimed me to be a Clairvoyant (or someone that has supernatural ability to perceive events in the future). Definitely very cool!

The Experience

While shopping and getting delicious potions is great, there’s more to this shop than just those two things. Part of visiting this store is about having a magical experience! The shop is filled with decorations and magical items throughout the store to enjoy.

mannequin with a robe, sunglasses. and a crossbody purse.

One of the most notable things you’ll notice when you walk in is a large tree in the left corner of the room. This isn’t any old tree though. It’s the witching tree!

A witching tree is a common occurrence in the magical world. It provides protection from dark forces and can provide help and guidance in mysterious ways.

the witching tree in the corner of the store.
The Witching Tree.

Another interesting thing you’ll see in the store are portraits that seem to move. These are a part of the haunted portraits gallery at the store. If you pay close enough attention, you might catch the person in the portrait moving!

portraits above a fireplace.
Some of the haunted portraits that are on display throughout the store.

Another interesting aspect of this store is what’s know as “The Dark Corner” which is located down a hallway on the back side of the wall. This hallway houses unique dark magic items. It can be a bit creepy, so I wouldn’t consider this section family-friendly.

the dark corner.


If you’re looking for an exciting, magical experience, this Mystic Village shop is a must visit! Whether you’re looking to get a potion, shop around, or buy some fun Harry Potter merchandise, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

If you’re planning a trip here, be sure to check out the store hours. Currently, they are as follows:

  • Monday – Saturday: 10am-6pm
  • Sunday: 11am-5pm


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