Southford Falls State Park CT

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Looking to chase a waterfall that doesn’t involve a hike? Look no further than Southford Falls State Park! This state park in western Connecticut is home to a stunning waterfall close to the parking lot, picnic areas, and hiking trails!

waterfall southford falls state park.

Getting There

The best way to get to Southford Falls State Park is by taking I-84. From I-84, you’ll take exit 16 on to Route 188. Take a left, and then take another left on to Route 67. At the next light, you’ll take a right back on to Route 188. In half a mile, the entrance to the gravel parking lot will be on the left.

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gravel parking lot.

Things To Do At Southford Falls State Park

There’s plenty to do at this Connecticut state park. Whether you’re looking to do outdoor activities, or just relax, there’s something for everyone to do! It’s a great place for family fun!


Southford Falls State Park is a great place to go for a hike! The most popular trail here is the Southford Falls Red Trail. The trail is about 1.7 miles long. There’s plenty to see along this trail!

hiking trail sign.

When I visited, I started my hike by going left towards the Watchtower. The trail was pretty rocky, so make sure you wear proper hiking shoes. There is some elevation gain, but I wouldn’t say that this is a hard hiking trail.

To get to the Watchtower, you’ll take a right when you see the markers for the Blue Trail. There is some elevation gain to get to the Watchtower, but the trail to the tower is relatively short.

watchtower in the woods.

When you’re done at the tower, you’ll have to go back the way you came to continue on the Red Trail. Much of this section of the trail is a downhill, but still rocky. So, be sure to watch your footing!

When you get to the bottom of the hill, you’ll start to hear the running water of the brook. You’ll come to a beautiful boardwalk that takes you along the river. It’s not everyday you find a boardwalk in the woods!

boardwalk southford falls.

As you continue along the trail, you’ll come to a covered bridge. Typically, you can walk over the covered bridge, but when I went, it was closed off for construction. I definitely plan to go back at a later date to experience the covered bridge!

Past the bridge, you’ll walk past beautiful cascades of the brook. However, these are not the main waterfall of the park. They sure are beautiful though! And, you can walk right along these smaller falls as you make your way to the main waterfall.

small cascades.

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll come to the main attraction – Southford Falls! You’ll get a great view of the falls as you continue along the trail. But, the best views of the fall are from the other side of the brook.

Cross the bridge to get to the other side of the brook. Once on the other side of the brook, you can walk right down to the bottom of the falls for a stunning view. This is a great spot for pictures of the waterfall!

southford falls waterfall.


Southford Falls State Park is a designated Trout Park in Connecticut. This means the park receives frequent stockings during the spring and again in the fall once water temperatures cool.

The heavy fish stockings increase your chances of catching a fish, making it a great place to go fishing with children!

state park sign.

Aside from trout, you can also expect to catch bluegill, largemouth bass, sunfish, catfish, pickerel, and sucker fish. It’s a great spot for some freshwater fishing!


Another popular thing to do in this state park is picnicking! The best part is, there is no hiking involved to get to the various picnic spots around the park. In fact, there are accessible picnic tables just a short walk from the parking lot by the pond!

picnic table next to pond.

If you continue walking, around the pond, you’ll find more spots for picnicking. You’ll find more tables along the water on the other side. There’s also a great pavilion on the opposite side of the pond.

pavilion for picnicking.

Reasons to Visit Southford Falls State Park

Southford Falls State Park has plenty to do for a day of fun! Enjoy all this park has to offer from scenic waterfalls, fishing, hiking, and picnicking.

picnic table with pond and trees in background.


Is Southford Falls State Park worth the visit?

Absolutely! This park is a great place to visit and it’s extremely family-friendly. There’s plenty to do. You can hike, fish, picnic, and of course, enjoy the beautiful waterfall!

What kind of fish can you catch?

You can expect to catch trout, bluegill, largemouth bass, sunfish, catfish, pickerel, and sucker fish.

Are there bathrooms?

Yes! There are various bathrooms around the park. You’ll find some by parking lot and by the picnic shelter.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are absolutely allowed! My dog Rip and I had a great time at this park. Just remember that dogs must be on a leash at all in front of waterfall.


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