Salt Creek Falls

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Looking for a beautiful waterfall to visit in Central Oregon? Check out Salt Creek Falls! At 286 feet, this picturesque waterfall is Oregon’s second highest single drop waterfall. The best part is, this waterfall is wheelchair accessible!

salt creek falls.

Getting There

Salt Creek Falls is located in the Willamette National Forest in Blue River, Oregon. The day use area is off of Highway 58 about 5 miles west of Willamette Pass. From Route 58, you’ll turn on to Forest Service Road 5893. Be on the lookout for the sign for the Salt Creek Falls Day Use Area.

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salt creek falls sign.

To get to the parking area, keep right and take Salt Creek Falls Road. Follow the road to the end and you’ll be at the parking area! Here, you’ll find bathrooms and information about the area.

information sign.

It’s important to note that a recreation pass is required to use the area. I would suggest bringing cash even though you have the option to pay with your phone. However, there’s no service to actually pay while you’re there. If you don’t have cash, pay prior to getting there when you have service.

Hiking at Salt Creek Falls

The Salt Creek Falls Trail is a 1 mile out and back hike. However, you don’t necessarily need to do the hike in its entirety to see the waterfalls. The first viewpoint of the waterfall is only about 50 yards from the parking lot!

salt creek falls.

However, if you’re looking to see the waterfall from different angles and up close, I recommend doing the full hike if you’re able. There are three different viewpoints along the canyon rim.

From the first viewpoint, continue straight. The path will start to gradually take you down towards the waterfall. The path itself is dirt with a couple of switchbacks to make sure you’re not doing serious incline.

Along this trail, you’ll find two more viewpoints. The second viewpoint is a stunning view of Salt Creek Falls. The waterfall is framed by the trees. What’s nice about this viewpoint is you get a great straight-on view of the waterfall.

salt creek falls.

After the second viewpoint, continue down to the third viewpoint close to the base of Salt Creek Falls. This observation platform gives you an open, straight on view of this stunning waterfall on Salt Creek Canyon.

salt creek falls.

Why Visit Salt Creek Falls

If you’re ever in Central Oregon, this waterfall is definitely a must visit. For one, it’s the second tallest waterfall in Oregon, falling a whopping 286 feet. Second, the trail offers multiple vantage points of the waterfall. Lastly, this beautiful waterfall is wheelchair accessible!


How long is the hike to Salt Creek Falls Oregon?

The hike is a 1 mile out and back. However, it’s much shorter if you’re just trying to look from the top viewing point. The first viewpoint from above the falls is just a short walk from the parking area.

Where is Salt Creek Falls in Oregon?

The Salt Creek Falls Observation Site is off of Highway 58, about 5 miles west of Willamette Pass.

Is Salt Creek Falls Accessible?

Yes, the first viewpoint is wheelchair accessible. There are railings that accommodate wheelchair sight lines.

Is it free to go to Salt Creek Falls?

No, it’s a recreation pass required area. It’s only $5, which is a pretty reasonable price to pay to see such a beautiful waterfall.


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