Salem Valley Farms Ice Cream (Salem CT)

If you’re in Southeastern Connecticut, be sure to visit Salem Valley Farms Ice Cream. As someone who grew up in Salem, Connecticut, I can assure you that this ice cream shop is a must visit for delicious ice cream.

salem valley farms ice cream store front.


Salem Valley Farms is an old-fashioned ice cream shop located in rural Connecticut. It is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike, with a wide variety of ice cream flavors and toppings. It is a great grab-and-go ice cream spot.

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pick up window for ice cream at salem valley farms.

This small town ice cream spot has a lot of charm. Many people like to stop here after seeing one of Connecticut’s best waterfalls at Devils Hopyard State Park in East Haddam, CT.


kailey holding an ice cream cone with chocolate ice cream and sprinkles.

Salem Valley offers a wide variety of flavors, from classics like vanilla and chocolate to more unique options like ginger and Key “Lyme” Pie.

Some other unique flavors you might find here are Purple Sable, which is black raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips as well as Grapenut, which is coconut ice cream with Grapenut cereal.

flavor board at salem valley farms in salem ct.

Throughout the season, they tend to add different unique flavors, so be sure to check their website or their social media accounts before heading to get ice cream. They are very good about keeping their social media updated as the menu changes!

scoop of birthday cake ice cream on a sugar cone.
A scoop of birthday cake ice cream on a sugar cone.

If you have a dog, they also offer a pup cup! My puppy absolutely loves coming with us to enjoy a delicious cup of ice cream with dog treats!

pup cup on the left side of the image and puppy enjoying pup cup on the right side of the image.
My four month old puppy’s most recent visit for his pup cup!

Dairy-free/Vegan Options

A number of dairy-free and vegan flavors are available. I was dairy free for four years and I was so happy I was still able to enjoy Salem Valley Ice Cream.

The ice cream barn was a staple for me growing up. It was so nice being able to enjoy dairy free ice cream not far from home!

chocolate dairy free ice cream on a sugar cone.
Dairy-free ice cream at Salem Valley Farms. It is not as creamy as regular ice cream, but it’s a great option for those who are dairy-free or vegan! This particular flavor was soy-based so it was safe for people who are also nut-free.

Salem Valley Farms tends to rotate out the dairy free flavors and introduce new flavors throughout the season. Be sure to check their Facebook page for an updated flavor list.

Sometimes the dairy free flavors go quickly! Another thing to keep in mind is they might not have certain specialty flavors available in the beginning of the season.

If you go and they don’t have dairy free ice cream on their menu board, there’s still options for you! Salem Valley also carries sorbet, which doesn’t contain dairy! My favorite sorbet flavor to get is lemon!

Gluten-Free Options

When I was gluten-free for 4 years, it was always so exciting finding places that had gluten-free options for me!

One of my favorite things about Salem Valley Farms is they have gluten-free ice cream cones! I’ve always preferred eating my ice cream in a cone. Eating it out of a cup just isn’t as fun!

They also have various flavors of ice cream that are gluten-free as well as sorbet, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. They also have various toppings made without gluten!

If you’re not sure whether a flavor is gluten-free or not, be sure to ask before ordering.

Frozen Yogurt

Salem Valley also has frozen yogurt as an option in addition to ice cream! Salem Valley Farms frozen yogurt is made with 1% butterfat.

Much like their other ice creams, the flavors change frequently, so be sure to check their menu online!

Other Options

The menu is pretty impressive and you can get more than just plain ice cream. While you can keep it simple with cups and cones, you can give a sundae a try!

Their sundaes include one hot or cold topping, whipped cream, and a black cherry. You can also get a classic banana split! Both of these items come in various sizes.

full menu at salem valley farms.

If you’re looking for a dessert drink, there are various options. They offer milk shakes, malted milk shakes, ice cream floats, old fashioned soda, spritzers, and razzles! Milk shakes are my go-to when I just want an easy frozen treat!


Salem Valley Farms Ice Cream offers a variety of toppings to add to your ice cream! Some of the toppings include nuts, candies, sprinkles, and various hot and cold toppings. You can see the full list in the image below!

full list of toppings at salem valley farms.

If you’re like me and you want a cone, but you hate having ice cream drip down your hands, you can also ask for your ice cream in a cup with a cone on top! I am a very slow eater so I often order my ice cream like this!

ice cream in a cup with a cone on top.


While there is no inside seating area, there are plenty of picnic tables to enjoy your ice cream. They’ve got both adult sized tables as well as kid sized picnic tables. In the summer, they have umbrellas set at the tables for shade.

eating ice cream at picnic tables.

When I go early in the season before the weather is warmer, I will go enjoy my ice cream in my car to stay warm!

eating ice cream cone in the car.

Know Before You Go

One of the most important things to know before going to Salem Valley Farms Ice Cream is they’re a cash-only business. They have an ATM available, but it’s best if you bring cash to avoid ATM fees.

The ice cream is a bit pricey, so be sure to check the prices before you go!

sign in front of salem valley farms that reads atm machine available.

If you have special dietary needs like dairy-free, make sure you check their social media for the most updated flavor board. When I was dairy free, I would ALWAYS check to make sure they had dairy-free options available on the board before heading there.

Like many ice cream places, it is seasonal. They are open from April through the Fall. Just note that their hours change depending on the time of year. For example, they have limited hours in the early spring and they have longer hours in the summer.

In the summer, you can expect there to be a pretty long line as this is a very popular ice cream spot. But, I promise it is worth the wait!


Salem Valley Farms is a local favorite for good reason – its ice cream is delicious, varied, and customizable.

Whether you’re looking for some good old fashioned hard ice cream or you’re looking to cool off with a tasty frozen treat, this is a great place to visit. My friends and I have loved this local spot for years!

kailey holding ice cream cone with a scoop on it at night.

Nearby Places To Visit

While you’re here, check out The Red House next door! This cute little shop is filled with art from local artists. There’s something for everyone!

This is my favorite spot to shop for gifts in the area. If you’re already at Salem Valley, you can walk right to The Red House from there!

the red house from salem valley farms.

If you’re into nature, be sure to check out Gardner Lake State Park, which is only a couple minutes away from Salem Valley Farms Ice Cream!

Fox Farms Brewery is also in Salem so check them out if you’re into breweries and want to taste some local beer!


Here’s a few more ideas for summer that aren’t too far away.

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