Radegast Hall & Biergarten

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Looking for an authentic biergarten in Brooklyn? Want some authentic German beer and food? Want for a fun time out with friends or family? Then check out Radegast Hall & Biergarten on North 3rd Street in Brooklyn, New York.

outside of radegast hall.

This Bier Haus will not disappoint! I am so happy my friend from the city recommended visiting! I cannot wait to go back for some more beer and food. It was a great way to get ready for my upcoming trip to Munich for Oktoberfest!

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Great Atmosphere

Since I turned 21, I have been visiting relatives who live in Munich, Germany. Besides the two years that Covid shut down Oktoberfest, I have been putting on my Lederhosen every September for some fun and beer!

When I walked into Radegast Hall, I had the immediate feeling that I was back in Deutschland! Between the careful attention to detail on the exterior and interior, I would have never thought I was still in the heart of Brooklyn.

Ample seating around a full bar with lots of beer and cocktail options!

Ample Seating Options

Radegast Hall has no shortage of seating, that’s for sure. My wife and I dined in the Main Hall with our daughter when we went. We pulled her stroller right up to our seat so she could enjoy dinner with us.

The Main Room

The main room features dining tables around the main bar. Certainly a great atmosphere for those looking for a communal vibe (much like the ‘Old Oktoberfest’ is set up in Munich).

This is where you first walk in if you come into the main entrance. Although we just had dinner, I really enjoyed having all of the tables surrounding the bar. It gave me a sense of community and I felt involved with everyone in the room!

Plus, even though our server was wearing two hats behind the bar and at the tables, he did an excellent job of constantly checking in with us and everyone else in the main room. The bartenders go above and beyond to giving you a fun and memorable time out. The service is great!

bar at radegast hall.
Side view of the bar from the smaller dining area. The bar area very much has a pub feel.

The Bier Haus

There is also a separate room labeled the ‘Bier Haus’ that does feature separate bathrooms and a separate entrance. This room is popular for smaller events at Radegast Hall.

I will advise though, stick to the main hall if you get hot easily and are visiting on a warmer day. This separate room of the main room does get a little warm! This is from the natural heating from the sun and being so close to the kitchen.

tables and skylights.

If the weather is nice, feel free to dine and drink at their outdoor seating. There are a number of tables that are up against the building.

In addition, there are more tables and seating that jut out into the street with covering. Again, if it is warm out, these do get a little toasty!


There is no shortage of beers at the Radegast Hall! Assuming you walked or have a designated driver, I highly recommend getting a stein of your favorite style. For me, I got a liter stein of the Spaten lager. The Spaten lager always shows up at my house Oktoberfest parties in the fall for all of my guests to enjoy.

glass filled with light beer.

There are also a number of other authentic German beers that are offered through the bar. Another popular beer that I tend to get during the fall would be Hofbrau original lager. If I didn’t enjoy too many Spaten liter steins over dinner, I would have gotten the Hofbrau lager or dunkel.

Be sure to check out the tap list for Radegast Hall online. There are plenty of authentic European beers to chose from.

two empty beer glasses.

Not into beer? No problem. Radegast Hall offers other drinks to enjoy. Radegast also offers a nice selection of wine for those who don’t want beer or a cocktail.

If wine isn’t your thing, go for a liquor or cocktail. They have some pretty unique in-house cocktail specials and also offer beer cocktails to those who want a little of everything!

To those that have never done a beer cocktail, I highly recommend doing one. It may sound a little off; but, it is certainly worth a try! I remember I was hesitant for so long to do one until my cousin convinced me to do it. Now that she twisted my arm, I don’t need any convincing to drink one on my own.

Food Options

Come hungry because there are plenty of food options on the menu. Be sure to try some of their authentic German options, as well!

My wife had to be basic and got a burger off of the Grill Menu. Although this wasn’t the authentic food that I hoped she would get (trying to train her for our upcoming Munich trip), the burger was excellent.

The rosemary aioli was out of this world. I will admit, I took a couple of bites from her food while she was tending to the baby!

burger and fries.
Be sure to try some of their burgers!

There are a number of other meal options for brunch, lunch and dinner. Featured on every menu, I would recommend getting the Munich pretzel. Be sure to add the beer cheese to complement the pretzel.

Adding in the atmosphere of Radegast Hall, biting into the Munich pretzel really had my mind going down memory lane. They are just as good as at the Old Oktoberfest area in Munich.

I recommend pairing the pretzel with one of Radegast Hall’s schnitzels. Another must have at an authentic biergarten.

Why visit

This authentic German biergarten located in the heart of the Williamsburg portion of Brooklyn, New York, is worth a visit. Featuring a full bar loaded with great German imports, this is a great place to visit with friends.

Be sure to visit on a comfortable day and enjoy having a beer and food at their ample outside seating. Otherwise, bring the fun inside and check out the Main Hall with your friends. This NYC biergarten is the perfect place to hang out on a Saturday afternoon!

radegast hall grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Radegast Hall & Biergarten offer takeout?

Yes! You can order pick up and delivery right online!

What are Radegast Hall & Biergarten’s hours?

Monday-Thursday, they’re open from 12pm-1am. On Fridays, they’re open from 12pm-3am. On Saturdays, they’re open from 11am-3am. On Sundays, they’re open 11am-1am.

Is there parking at Radegast Hall & Biergarten?

They don’t have their own parking lot, but there is plenty of on-street parking nearby as well as a parking garage across the street.

Are children allowed in the Hall and Biergarten?

Children and minors are allowed in before nightfall. At night, the Hall & Biergarten becomes 21 and over and you’ll need your ID to get in! It is a great spot to hang out and have a great time out!

Can I bring a stroller in?

Strollers are welcome everyday, except for Saturdays after 2pm. However, please note that if the stroller is taking up too much space, you may be asked to fold it.

How is Radegast Hall & Biergarten Rated?

This popular NYC spot is highly rated! On Trip Advisor, they’re rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars! The food, service, value, and atmosphere are all highly rated At


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