Pier 57 NYC

Looking to blend in with the ‘New Yorkers’ and get away from the tourist traps? Visit Pier 57 located between mid town and lower Manhattan!

pier 57 sign.

Conveniently located off of the Hudson River Greenway, Pier 57 is an easy walk to Little Island and Hudson River Park. Plus, enjoy the hidden two acre gem atop Pier 57, which is one of many public parks in Manhattan managed by the Hudson River Park Trust!

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If you are doing the Hudson River Park or Hudson River Greenway, feel free to get some extra steps in and stop by Pier 57. The pier is 750 feet long and offers some great views of the Hudson River and its surrounding landscape!

City Winery

If you are into fine dining and just happen to be in the area, feel free to make a reservation at City Winery. City Winery offers guests with brunch, lunch, dinner or even wine tastings.

Make sure you head on over to the tasting room to try some of their locally made wines! Walk ins are welcome Thursday through Sunday noon to 4. Although, reservations are always recommended!

City Winery also offers live events. Whether you are in the mood for a concert or comedy show, be sure to take a look at their calendar to see what guests they are hosting next!

Other Tenants

Pier 57 also has a number of other private sector partners on the ground floor that call Pier 57 home. One recent new move in features Google. As you walk down West Street/11th Avenue you can see the Google doors!

Coming later in Fall 2022 to the ground floor is the James Beard Foundation. The James Beard Foundation and Google are partnering to create a food hall with over a dozen vendors! Next time I visit the Meatpacking District later this year I will have to check out the new food hall!

The James Beard Foundation will also be featuring flexible community spaces that can be booked out for local organizations.

Rooftop Park

Don’t be afraid to climb up a few stories on Pier 57. The top of the pier offers a new green space in the heart of Chelsea. This rooftop public park consists of approximately 2 acres! This rooftop park at Pier 57 is dubbed as the largest stretch of rooftop park in all of New York City!

Be sure to walk the parameter of the rooftop park to see all of the beauty of Western New York City. From Pier 57, you get amazing views of downtown Manhattan, excellent overlooks of Little Island, and clear shots of Jersey City and Hoboken across the Hudson River.


The views atop Pier 57 are incredible from all angles. Pier 57 offers picturesque shots of the One World Trade Center, Jersey City, Hoboken, and the Hudson River.

Little Island & Lower Manhattan

My favorite angle of Pier 57 would be directly to the south. Located just north of Little Island, standing atop Pier 57 provides a head on view of Little Island. You also get a great shot of Lower Manhattan with the One World Trade Center dominating the skyline.

views of little island from pier 57.
Views to the south of Little Island and the One World Trade Center from the Rooftop Park.

Jersey City

Glancing over the southwest corner of Pier 57 brings you a clear view of Jersey City across the Hudson River.

views of the city from pier 57.
View to the southwest of Jersey City

History of Pier 57

So what’s the deal with this historic pier? Named to the National Register of Historic Places as an engineering marvel, Pier 57 differs from other piers.

Rather than use traditional piles, this pier sits atop concrete caissons that keep the pier afloat. As a fellow engineer, I always find it fascinating what mankind is capable of solving! Plus, the concrete caissons serve as extra space like a basement in a home!

water along the boardwalk.
Pier 57 extending into the Hudson River

The original wooden pier was build in 1907 and leased to the Grace Line in 1939. It was the first passenger service linking New York City and Seattle by steamship via the Panama Canal. However, that pier burned down in 1947.

In late 1954, the current pier 57 was opened. In 1971, the pier was transformed into the New York City Transit Authority, serving as a bus depot until 2003.

Why Visit Pier 57 NYC?

Whether you are looking to see a piece of history, enjoy a show and dinner, do a wine tasting, or enjoy a public rooftop park, look no further than Pier 57!

Be sure to give yourself some time to truly immerse yourself into the newly reformed pier. I know I will be going back as my daughter’s work brings me back to Chelsea in the coming months!


When did Pier 57 open?

The pier first opened as the terminal for Grace Line in 1954 but that pier burned down in the 1940s. A new pier was opened in 1954.

Does Google Own Pier 57?

No, Google does not own Pier 57. The pier is owned by the Hudson River Park Trust, a public benefit corporation created in 1998.


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