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PEZ Visitor Center

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The PEZ Visitor Center museum is a popular tourist destination in Orange, Connecticut. The museum offers an interactive experience featuring hundreds of vintage PEZ candy dispensers and memorabilia exhibits.

motorcycle in PEZ visitor center.

If you like sweets and have already sampled all the best donuts in Connecticut, you must stop at the PEZ factory in Orange, CT. Visitors can explore the history of the PEZ brand through multimedia displays, including photos and videos. They can also learn about the different types of PEZ dispensers sold over the years and how the candy is made.

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The museum has an area where kids can customize a PEZ dispenser with their design! The visitor center also includes a gift shop, so visitors can take home their favorite souvenirs, including custom buckets of PEZ candy and the latest dispensers. There’s something for everyone at this unique attraction!

Getting to The PEZ Visitor Center

PEZ candy street sign.

The PEZ Factory is located conveniently off Interstate 95 in Orange, CT. You’ll take Exit 41 in Orange from I-95. The factory is located at 35 Prindle Hill Rd. You’ll know you’ve arrived when you see the giant PEZ display on the building!

PEZ visitor center building.

You should know that it is paid admission to enter the Visitor Center. The admission fee includes a souvenir PEZ lanyard and a $2 credit that may be used on any same-day merchandise purchase at the factory store.

History of PEZ

PEZ candy has been a favorite of children and adults since it was created in 1927. Early PEZ dispensers were designed more like cigarette lighters, making them easy for adults to carry around.

As the popularity of PEZ grew, so did the design of their dispensers. In the 1950s, character heads were introduced, allowing people to choose favorites for their collections.

Cigarette-style vintage PEZ dispensers.

In the late 1980s, feet were introduced on PEZ dispensers so they would stand up better. The original feet design was thinner than they are today. The thicker style came out around 1990.

Throughout the decades, PEZ continued to expand its product line with new flavors and dispenser designs. They have produced hundreds of designs featuring popular movies, TV shows, comic book characters, sports teams, and other limited edition items. The variety is part of what makes collecting PEZ so fun!

star wars dispensers in display case.

What to See

At the PEZ Visitor Center in Orange, Connecticut, visitors can explore the history of PEZ candy and discover unique memorabilia from the past and present. The museum includes a timeline of PEZ products over the years and rare dispensers that will excite any collector.

There is also an interactive exhibit featuring a giant animated history wall that shows how PEZ dispensers have changed through the decades. Visitors can learn more about the production process behind these iconic candies. There are also collections of vintage dispensers, a gallery of artwork, antique vending machines, and a PEZ motorcycle.

PEZ gun dispensers.

An on-site store is full of exclusive merchandise and limited-edition collectibles. These make great gifts for family or friends. Guests can purchase unique PEZ flavors and exclusives from the shop at the visitor center. So take advantage of this one-of-a-kind experience!

Touring the Museum

The self-guided tour of the PEZ museum is a fun experience for all ages. Guests can explore each room to find interesting facts about the history of PEZ and its many characters. There are display cases that’ll catch everyone’s interest.

These displays feature different eras in PEZ dispenser production and sections dedicated to rare limited-edition designs. Visitors can also learn more about how PEZ is made from start to finish from the factory viewing area, with videos detailing the entire process on the PEZ production floor.

PEZ candy factory display.

When we went, there was also a scavenger hunt to find hidden PEZ dispensers throughout the factory. We found all of the dispensers, and it revealed a secret code. As we were paying for our items, we showed them our completed scavenger hunt card, and we got to spin a wheel to get a free PEZ dispenser as a prize!

Why Make the Trip

The PEZ Visitor Center museum features interactive exhibits that tell the story of PEZ candy and its iconic character dispensers. The center also has a gift shop where visitors can purchase unique souvenirs and collectibles. This store has the latest PEZ products, including limited-edition items available only at the visitor center.

The museum takes visitors on a journey through more than 70 years of history, featuring original packaging, advertising materials, and vintage displays of PEZ dispensers from around the world. Interactive exhibits explore how candy has evolved and how it has become a part of pop culture. Visitors can even create their own personalized dispenser to take home as a keepsake!


Is PEZ candy still made?

Yes, the candy is still made! The candy is made in Traun, Austria and Orange, CT, USA.

What does PEZ stand for?

The name of this candy comes from the German word for peppermint, which is “pfefferminz.” The name of the candy is the first, middle, and last letter of the word, forming PEZ.

Is PEZ still made in CT?

It is! You can see the production floor when you visit the PEZ Factory Visitor Center in Orange, CT.

Can you visit the PEZ factory?

Yes! It’s a fun interactive experience that includes a comprehensive collection of vintage dispensers, an interactive historical time line, PEZ trivia game, and a factory store, All visits are self guided. Be sure to check out the latest hours of operation.


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