Paulina Falls in Central Oregon

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Looking to see two beautiful waterfalls at once? Head over to Paulina Falls at the Newberry Volcanic Monument in La Pine, Oregon! These waterfalls are easily accessible and a hike isn’t necessary to see them!

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About Paulina Falls

Paulina Falls is a double waterfall that can be visited in Central Oregon. The waterfalls drop 80 feet over volcanic cliffs onto a jumble of rocks below.

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The waterfalls are on Paulina Creek in Newberry National Volcanic Monument. The falls are located just west of Paulina Lake outside of the Newberry Caldera. At the day use area, you can view the falls, picnic, hike, and read about the history of the falls.

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Getting To Paulina Falls

Paulina Falls is located at Newberry National Volcanic Monument in La Pine, Oregon. To access the waterfall, you’ll head to the Paulina Falls Day Use Area. If you’re coning from Bend, Oregon, you’ll travel south on Highway 97 and then turn and head east on Paulina Lake Road.

The parking lot for the Paulina Falls Day Use Area is off of Paulina Lake Road. It’s important to note there is a day use fee of $5. You can purchase online or you can use the kiosk to get a day pass on the way there (which is what I did).

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Paulina Falls Viewpoint & Picnic Area

Just a short walk from the parking lot is the main falls viewpoint. This first viewpoint gives you a view of the falls that’s up-close and personal. In addition to giving you a close up, it gives you a great view from above so you can watch the falls plunge down the volcanic cliffs.

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In addition to the upper viewpoint, there are also various picnic tables by this viewpoint. Enjoy a nice picnic and enjoy the views and sounds of Paulina Creek and Paulina Creek Falls.

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The Hike to the Lower Falls View Point

If you’re looking to view Paulina Creek Falls from below, you can take the short 0.4 mile hike on the Paulina Falls Trail. The trailhead can be accessed from the parking area. The trail leads you to the Lower Falls Viewpoint.

The trail is pretty gradual in terms of elevation. It’s only a 108 feet in elevation to get down to the viewpoint. The descent is very gradual with plenty of switchbacks. The trail is scenic, taking you through tall pine trees.

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Once you reach the bottom of the trail, you’ll be at the Lower Falls View Point. The viewpoint itself isn’t very large, so it can get crowded on a busy day. It’s a great viewing spot if you’re trying to get a straight-on view of the falls.

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In addition to great views of the falls, you can also get some great views of Paulina Creek from the lower viewpoint. The viewpoint is a serene spot to just sit back and enjoy nature and the sound of running water.


Why Visit Paulina Falls

If you’re ever in Central Oregon, definitely take a trip to Newberry National Volcanic Monument to view Paulina Falls. It’s a great place to visit with the family. There’s very little hiking involved to enjoy the falls and there are plenty of spots to picnic and just enjoy nature at the day use area.


Where is Paulina Falls?

Paulina Falls is in the Newberry National Volcanic Monument in the Deschutes National Forest. It’s a must visit if you’re ever in Central Oregon!

How tall is Paulina Falls?

Paulina Falls drops 80 feet to the creek and rocks below.

Is the Paulina Falls Trail hike long?

It’s very short and easy at 0.4 miles with only 108 feet in elevation gain.


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