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North 5th Street Pier and Park

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Want a relaxing place along the East River? Need somewhere to take a break after a rough ferry ride? In search of a beautiful spot overlooking Manhattan and Williamsburg? For all these and more, check out North 5th Street Pier and Park.

north 5th street peer.

Getting to North 5th Street Pier and Park

The easiest way to access this fabulous place along the East River would be by ferry. This is the case if you are coming from one of the other boroughs.

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The park has easy access to the nearby North Williamsburg ferry stop. Be sure to take the East River Ferry. It is cheaper than hailing a cap or driving in to park!

boat at pier.
The East River ferry is conveniently located next to North 5th Street Pier and Park

If you are taking other New York City public transit, the bus and subway are also doable. The nearest subway station is Bedford Avenue. Bedford Avenue is an easy five block walk to the park.

The B32 bus is also another viable option if the bus system is your preferred mode of travel. Be sure to get off the Kent Ave/6th Street stop. From here, you are only a block walk from North 5th Street Pier and Park.

The other easy way to get here would be to walk. Located north of popular Williamsburg, North 5th Street Pier and Park is an easy walk from downtown and a number of other local attractions.

Within a brisk walk, you can be at Brooklyn Brewery, Radgaste Hall, EBBS Brewing Co., and more! There are plenty of other non-drinking venues around as well.

views of water and city skyline.

Iconic Shots

The pier is best enjoyed on leisurely time. We spent a good amount of time at the pier as our daughter had fallen asleep on the walk over.

Below is a shot of my wife and sleeping Magnolia with the iconic Manhattan city skyline in the background! Too bad Magnolia missed out getting those z’s!

mom posing with baby in stroller.

The pier that jutted out past the ferry pier is the best place to get your city shots. If you angle your shot right, you can get the iconic Empire State Building the be center behind you!


There are plenty of benches along the pier and throughout the park. They are perfect for sitting back and taking in the beauty of the surround landscape.

The main pier, below, has ample seating on both sides and at the end. Enjoy a 360 view of Manhattan and Brooklyn!

devon at north 5th street pier and park.

In addition, throughout the park, there are also numerous benches around on the pathway. Heads up, most of the benches are in the sunlight. Don’t forget to put on some sunscreen if you are going to be outside in the park for extended hours.


Why Visit North 5th Street Pier and Park

This park is the perfect escape from the busy city life. This is the perfect spot in the trendy Williamsburg section of Brooklyn to spend leisurely time.

Enjoy the views of Brooklyn and Manhattan while taking a reflection moment to relax! You will surely enjoy this quaint park!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking at North 5th Street Pier and Park?

There is no parking dedicated for the park. However, there are numerous nearby garages if you are coming in via car!

When is North 5th Street Pier and Park open?

The park hours of operation are daily from 6AM-1AM. If you are a night person, be sure to visit in the evening hours to watch the city skyline light up!


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