Monroe Falls Maine

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Looking for some great views that don’t require a long hike? Take a trip to Monroe Falls in the town of Monroe, Maine! This beautiful waterfall is off the beaten path and it’s a great spot to enjoy nature.

monroe falls maine long exposure shot.

I love the sound of water cascading down a rocky hill. That’s why I often visit nearby waterfalls in Connecticut like Blackledge Falls.

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When I’m traveling, I always look for nearby falls to visit. That’s how I discovered this beautiful one in Maine.

Getting There

As I mentioned above, Monroe Falls in Maine is very much off the beaten path. It’s best to get directions pulled up on your GPS while you still have service to ensure you don’t get lost. I used the location that AllTrails gave me to get here.

The path took me through some scenic backroads through Maine. The waterfall is located in Monroe, Maine, which has a population of about 900 people. You’ll drive through many small towns with small villages, rivers, and lots of rolling hills and fields.

The waterfall itself located off of Maine Route 139. Take North Center Road, which is a dirt road. You might feel like you’re lost, but this waterfall is located on South Center Road, which is another dirt road off of North Center Road. You’ll know you arrived when you see the sign that reads “Monroe Falls” in front of you.

sign by the parking area.

In terms of parking, there’s no actual lot. Just pull off to the side on South Center Road. I parked on the right side as I pulled up because there were private property signs on the left side.

I would highly recommend doing a k-turn to face your car towards North Center Road to make it easier for yourself when you leave. Since there’s little parking, people might end up parking behind you while you’re enjoying the falls.

The Falls

The falls are conveniently located a short walk from where you’ll park. It’s only about a three minute walk to view the falls. The short walk makes this waterfall a great spot for a family hike.

The trail to the falls is located to the left of the Monroe Falls sign. But, if you’d like to get a look at the stream that feeds the falls before going down, you can walk past the sign on to the bridge. The bridge offers a great view of Marsh Stream.

creek surrounded by trees.
Marsh Creek, which feeds Monroe Falls.

There are two spots to view the falls along the trail. The first spot takes you right next to the falls. This viewing spot gives you a great up close viewing of the falls. This spot makes a great spot for photos with the falls as a backdrop!

monroe falls up close.

The other spot to view the falls is down just a bit further from the first spot. From the second spot, you’ll be able to get a more straight-on view of the falls.

view of waterfall from straight on.

Additionally, there are some smaller cascades in the creek. It’s a peaceful spot to just sit and listen to the running water of the creek. It’s a great spot to set up for a picnic!

small cascade in the creek.

While some people come here to go hiking and to enjoy the falls, you can also go swimming near the waterfall. Most people swim in the pool that is beneath the main falls. But, it might not be safe to swim if the water levels are high and the creek is rushing quickly.

Reasons to visit Monroe Falls Maine

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to enjoy a gorgeous waterfall, be sure to check out Monroe Falls in Maine! The waterfall is very easy to access, and it’s a great spot for hiking, swimming, and enjoying nature.

monroe falls maine.


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