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Holmberg Orchards and Winery

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Looking for something fun to do this fall? Take a trip to Holmberg Orchards and Winery in Gales Ferry, Connecticut! There’s plenty to do at this orchard! Go apple picking, pumpkin picking, peach picking, and wine tasting. Plus, you can get some delicious apple cider and cider donuts. The best part is it’s open year round!

picking apples.

Getting to Holmberg Orchards and Winery

Holmberg Orchards is located just three miles from Mohegan Sun Casino. If you’re coming from Interstate 395, you’ll take the exit on to Route 2A towards Mohegan Sun. Go to the end of 2A. You’ll cross the bridge over the Thames River and come to a light at the intersection of 2A and Route 12. Take a right on to Route 12.

Continue for a mile. You’ll cross another bridge that goes over a cove. Just past this cove, Holmberg Orchards will be on your left. The Farm Market is located just before the road to the orchards. If you’re trying to go to the orchards, take a left on to Orchard Road. You’ll go up a hill and you’ll eventually reach the orchards.

holmberg orchards entrance.

The Orchards

There’s plenty to do at Holmberg Orchards. From picking your own fruit, taking tractor rides around the orchards, and eating food, there’s plenty to do!

how tall this fall height measuring board.

Pick Your Own Fruit

When people think of orchards, they typically think of apple orchards. However, Holmberg Orchards has much more to pick than just apples! Some of the things you can pick are peaches, nectarines, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and even flowers!

picking apples.

What you’ll be able to pick in the orchards is dependent on the season. For example, in the summer, you can expect to pick berries and peaches. In the fall, they have a variety of apples available to pick! If you’re not sure what’s in season, check their website!

Cider and Donuts

In the fall, you’ll also be able to get tasty apple cider and cider donuts! They will typically have spots for you to buy them at the orchard. Their cider and donuts are delicious, so expect for there to be lines to get them! There are several picnic tables to sit and enjoy your treats at the orchard.

man eating cider donut.

Be sure to buy some to bring home too, believe me, you won’t be able to get enough of them! We love to buy the gallon bottles of apple cider to enjoy at home.

man drinking out of a gallon of cider.
My brother Devon clearly can’t get enough of Holmberg’s apple cider!


In the fall, you can also get pumpkins! While you might not actually get to go to the actual pumpkin patch where they’re grown, they usually have a great variety! The pumpkins are at the front of the orchard where you pay to get bags to pick apples.

girl picking up pumpkin.

Tractor Rides

Another fun thing is they offer tractor rides around the orchard! This is great for families to ride around the fruit trees.

family riding tractor ride at Holmberg Orchards.

Holmberg Orchards Winery & Cider Barn

Looking to do some wine tasting? Visit the Wine & Cider Barn! This unique Wine & Cider Barn is housed in a former tool shed that was built in the 1850s. What’s cooler than enjoying some delicious fruit wines in a rustic antique building?

homberg winery and cider barn.

The drinks you can expect to taste here are fruit wines, hard ciders, and they even have wine slushies! There’s definitely something to everyone’s liking. The wine slushies are always a hit here! My friends and I visit here specifically to get them!

hard cider cans and peach wine slushie.
Hard Ciders and Peach Wine Slushie we got from Holmberg Orchards.

Holmberg Orchards Farm Market

Once you’ve enjoyed the orchard, go back down the hill to visit the Holmberg Orchards Farm Market. If you’re coming from the orchards, you’ll go back down Orchard Road to Route 12. Take a right on to Route 12 and the Farm Market is the first building on the right.

outside of holmberg orchards farm market.

Inside the market, you’ll find specialty gourmet foods, baked goods, wine, sparkling hard ciders, and much more. I only live up the road from this orchard, so I love stopping in to grab fresh produce such as veggies and fruit at the store.

They also carry some awesome desserts here. I love to grab pies from here to bring to parties and I also really like their baked goods, notably the cinnamon buns. They also carry Salem Valley Farms Ice Cream!

cinnamon roll from Holmberg Orchards.

Why Visit

This Connecticut orchard is a great spot to visit year-round! Whether you’re looking to sip some wine or cider, pick your own fruit, or visit the store, there’s something for everyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Holmberg Orchards Winery & Cider Bar open?

The Winery & Cider barn is open from June to October.

When Does The Farm Market Close?

The Holmberg Orchards Farm Market is open year-round!


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