Hiking Mount Pisgah Vermont

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Looking for a moderately challenging hike to do in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont? Check out the Mt Pisgah hike in Westmore, Vermont! The overlooks at the top offer some stunning views of Lake Willoughby below!

lake willoughby.
Views of Mount Pisgah from one of the beaches along Lake Willoughby

Getting There

Mount Pisgah is one of the best places to visit in Vermont, especially during the fall. It is located near Willoughby State Forest in the northeastern Vermont. Take Route 5A to get there.

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The road takes you along the north, east, and south shores of Lake Willoughby. There is a parking area at the North Beach and South Beach. For some of the hikes, you’ll have to park along the road.

parking along road.
If you’re going to hike the North Trail to the summit, you’ll have to park along Route 5A by the trailhead.

The Hikes

There are a couple of different trails you can take to get to the top of Mount Pisgah. While there’s no easy hike to the top, there’s a moderate route and a hard route. Although none of hikes are a walk in the park, I promise the views at the top are worth the hike!

It should also be noted that all of the trails intersect at the top. This means that they all lead to the same overlooks!

Mount Pisgah Via North Trail

As I mentioned above, if you’re planning to take the North Trail to the top of Mount Pisgah, you’ll have to park along Vermont 5A. This trail is considered moderately challenging. The total elevation gain for this hike is 1600 feet in 2 miles.

The fact that this hike is short makes it so there are some pretty significant steep sections. It can be pretty exhausting. But, there are also some relatively flat sections due to plenty of switchbacks.

steep incline on trail.
One of the steep sections of the trail before you get to the summit.

When you finally make it to the top, you’ll be rewarded with some stunning views of Lake Willoughby and the surrounding mountains.

When you get to the top, there are several viewpoints along the top of Mt Pisgah. All of the overlooks offer great views of the beautiful surrounding landscape that the Northeast Kingdom has to offer.

lake willoughby.
Views of Lake Willoughby from one of the viewpoints on the top of Mt Pisgah.

Mount Pisgah Via Long Pond Trail

Another way to get to the top of Mount Pisgah is by taking the Long Pond Trail. For this trail, you’ll park off of Long Pond Road. The trail is just over 5 miles out and back. By the time you get to the top, you’ll have gained a total of 1,141 feet.

This trail meets with the the North Trail before you reach the top. At the top, you’ll reach the same viewpoints that can be seen from the North Trail. This trail is just a more gradual climb to the summit. However, it is longer than hiking from the North Trail.

lake willoughby overlook.
Overlooking Lake Willoughby from one of the overlooks. The overlooks are a great spots to enjoy fall colors.

Mount Pisgah South Trail

The last trail you can take is the South Trail. To get to the south trailhead, you’ll park in the lot by South Beach off of Vermont 5A. Keep in mind that this trail is considered hard. It’s a 4.1 mile out and back with a 1,653 foot elevation gain.

Other things to do around Lake Willoughby

While you’re in the area, check out the other things Lake Willoughby has to offer!

Lake beaches

There are two beaches that you can enjoy the views of the lake from. The first beach is on the north end of the lake. The views of the lake and the mountains surrounding the lake from this point are breathtaking. You can even see Mount Pisgah from here!

north beach.
Lake Willoughby from the North Beach

The other beach is on the south end of Lake Willoughby. From this beach, you get a closer look at Mount Pisgah than from the other beach. While I stood at this beach, I was shocked to see just how high up I hiked to the view points!

Roadside Waterfalls

If you’re looking to see some waterfalls with little effort, be sure to check out the falls along 5A located on the east side of the lake! While there are two waterfalls along the road, only one has a pull-off to park.

posing with a waterfall.


Another thing to do by the lake is stay at the campgrounds nearby! The White Caps Campground is located right by South Beach.

The great thing about this campground on the southern end of the lake is you can walk right to the beach. This makes it a great spot to go camping in the summer!

fall foliage.

Kayaking and Paddle boarding

On the south end of the lake, you’ll find kayaks and paddle boards to rent! You can rent kayaks and paddle boards from Willoughvale Inn and Cottages or The White Caps Campground.

Of course, if you have your own, you can bring them and launch them in the lake!

lake willoughby with foliage.

Why Hike Mount Pisgah Vermont

While it may not be easy to get to the top of Mount Pisgah, you’ll be glad you powered through the steep hike. The summit offers you great views of Lake Willoughby, Willoughby State Forest,


How tall is Mount Pisgah?

Mount Pisgah is 2,785 feet tall.

How long of a hike is it to the top of Mt Pisgah?

It’s about two miles up to the summit. While it might sound like a short hike, it is quite strenuous due to the short distance. The last stretch to the summit is very steep.

Are dogs allowed at Mt Pisgah?

Yes! There are even areas where they’re allowed to be off off-leash.


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