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Bushwick Inlet Park


Hanging out in Brooklyn and looking for a free green space to take family or friends? Look no further than Bushwick Inlet Park. This waterfront park overlooks the East River and Manhattan skyline.

water views with city skyline.
Waterfront access at Bushwick Inlet Park


This Brooklyn park is the centerpiece of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg waterfront. It offers public access to the East River, a multi-purpose field, public bathrooms, and a fantastic view of the Manhattan skyline.

As part of the NYC parks system, it is the perfect place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You may even be able to fit it in for a one day NYC itinerary along with the popular Little Island city park near Pier 57.

Getting to Bushwick Inlet Park

With no public parking available at the park, public transit may be the best option for getting to this public park in northern Williamsburg.

Taking the Subway

To those that are savvy with the subway, the closest station to Bushwick Inlet Park Brooklyn would be Bedford Avenue. From Bedford Avenue station, take a short, five block walk to the park.

Taking The Bus

There are also a number of bus stations nearby if this is your preferred public transit method. If you know your way around the bus lines, the B32 line has a stop right in front of the park! Other nearby stops are also served by the B32 line.

Taking the Ferry

There is also a ferry stop nearby to those traveling the boroughs by water. You will want to be sure to get on the East River route and get off at North Williamsburg. Once you get off the ferry, it is a short walk north along the East River to get to Bushwick Inlet Park Brooklyn.

Other Options

Ride hailing services are also available to drop you off at the park if you prefer the most direct route.

Walking is also an option to those that are in the Williamsburg district of Brooklyn, as well!

bushwick inlet park sign.

Things To Do

There are a number of activities for one to do at the park. A popular destination would be the multipurpose athletic fields.

The field in the center of the park is the perfect summer destination for football, soccer, rugby, ultimate frisbee, and more. When we visited there was a fairly large soccer game going on in the space (despite the heat)!

stone walkway.

Another popular activity to do while in the park would be to take in the views over the East River.

To those that don’t do well in the heat, there is a convenient tree shaded overlook with some benches to rest. To those that enjoy the sunshine and can tolerate the heat in the summer, there is plenty of non-shaded real estate along the park’s waterfront.

pier at bushwick park.
Tree shaded overlook of Manhattan

This park is also home to a hidden Brooklyn gem, Hurricane Point. Be sure to walk along the coastline to the northern edge of the park. There, you will find Hurricane Point.

Hurricane Point is a sandy beach along the East River that gives one the same incredible views of Manhattan as the rest of the waterfront at the pakr. Enjoy a beach day at this hidden gem while you are visiting the park!

water views with city in background.
A glimpse of Hurricane Point in the northern section of the park

There is a playground at the park for the little ones to let out some energy if you have kids!

You will also find a community center in the southern section of the park near Kent Avenue. The community center is built into an artificial hill next to the multipurpose field!

Reasons To Visit Bushwick Inlet park

This waterfront park is a great, free public use park in North Brooklyn. The park is also handicap accessible. Boasting a playground, elevated lawn, waterfront views of the East River, and a multipurpose field, there is a little bit of everything for everyone!

Be sure to visit the other New York City parks to the south, including Marsha P. Johnson State Park. Access from the southeast brings you to a nice dog park at Marsha P. Johnson state park if you have a doggo with you!


Does Bushwick Inlet Park have bathrooms?

Yes! Bushwick Inlet Park has bathrooms located between the soccer field and Kent Avenue.

What is there to do at Bushwick Inlet Park?

This small park boasts a lot to do! There is a multipurpose field, a playground, and public access to the waterfront. For the latest information, you can check out the official park website.

What are the hours at Bushwick Inlet Park?

The operating hours of this park are 6am to 10pm daily. You are only allowed in the park during those hours!

Is there parking at Bushwick Inlet Park?

There is no parking offered at Bushwick Inlet Park.


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