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In search of a nice Italian restaurant in downtown Brooklyn? Want fantastic cocktails and great service? Head over to Botte Brooklyn NYC. The food and cocktails will not disappoint!

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Getting There

The restaurant is conveniently located in downtown Brooklyn. There are a number of options to get to the location.

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As with most of NYC, Botte is easily accessible via the subway. The closest stations would be Jay St – Metrotech (N,R,W), Hoyt St (2, 3), and DeKalb Av (B, D, N, Q, R, W). From these stations, just go a few blocks north to get to the restaurant.

Otherwise, if you are in downtown Brooklyn or lower Manhattan, walking to Botte is very easy. Coming from Manhattan, you can walk across the Manhattan Bridge and stay on Flatbrush Avenue Extension.

Uber, Taxi, and other ride share options are also available to get to Botte. Just keep in mind, this may be a slower option depending on the time of day!

Seating Options

There’s a wide array of seating available. If you are looking for something casual on a nice day, be sure to enjoy some seating outside! Being tucked away on a side street, the outdoor seating offers a quaint location without too much city noise.

tables in front of botte brooklyn.

Botte Brooklyn also offers bar seating if you are looking to get a quick cocktail while visiting. Don’t be surprised if you see a couple people living that ‘NYC hustle’ with their laptops up on the bar with them.

botte bar.

Lastly, Botte Brooklyn also offers conventional indoor dining. This is where my wife, daughter, and I enjoyed our dinner.



One thing that drew us to Botte Brooklyn would be the wide array of cocktails . I started my meal off with ‘The Day After’ which was a dessert cocktail served with screwball. This cocktail had just enough bite to help unwind after a busy day of work!


To those that follow me regularly, you know I must get an espresso martini wherever I go (if it is on the menu). The Botte Brooklyn espresso martini did not disappoint! I enjoyed this cocktail to settle in after dinner.

espresso martini.

Lastly, to finish my meal, I enjoyed a cup of cappuccino. Going down smooth, this beverage provided just enough of a pick me up to enjoy a beautiful evening in Brooklyn. The espresso martini certainly helped as well!



I must say, the food at Botte Brooklyn certainly exceeded our expectations! I never thought I would say that our regular go-to Italian restaurant in the city, Nino’s Restaurant, would have competition. But, after our visit to Botte, I now have another great place to go!


We enjoyed a full dinner and dessert. My wife started her meal with a salad to be ‘healthy’. She said it was excellent and full of flavor.

salad botte.

Next, we both got one of the specials which was a truffle ravioli. Let me say, this truffle ravioli was out of this world! If this was a permanent item on the menu, I would regularly come back to Brooklyn just to get this.

ravioli with herbs on top.


We finished our meal with our own desserts. My wife got chocolate gelato and shared it with our daughter! Magnolia enjoyed her first gelato and will certainly be getting some more at the next opportunity! It did take a bit of work to clean up her face to be presentable when we left.

chocolate ice cream.

As for me, as with every visit to an Italian restaurant, I got a cannoli. Beautifully displayed on the plate and full of flavor, I definitely recommend grabbing one! I thought I would be able to enjoy the cannoli to myself; but, sharing is caring. My wife took about half of it. She couldn’t get enough of it!

cannoli botte.

Why Visit Botte Brooklyn in NYC

This niche Italian restaurant hidden in downtown Brooklyn is a must do with a friend or family. Serving incredible cocktails, fantastic food, and providing the utmost service, this Italian restaurant will not disappoint. Be sure to give yourself some time to enjoy all of the cocktails and food options that Botte Brooklyn can offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Botte Brooklyn offer takeout or delivery?

They do! While I was dining, there was almost an equal amount of takeout/delivery orders as there were in person dining orders.

What days are Botte Brooklyn open?

Botte NYC (Brooklyn) is open 7 days a week.


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