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Birdhouse Coffee CT

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Looking to change up your local coffee shop? In need of a caffeine buzz and beer buzz? Want some good pastries and lunch? Look no further than Birdhouse Coffee in South Windsor.

birdhouse coffee sign.

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a coffee junkie. I even have a dedicated nook at my house that has various grounds that I have collected in my travels abroad.

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My nook has just about every way to prepare caffeinated beverages as well! So, I was happy to stumble upon this coffee shop while finishing up my yearly Connecticut Beer Trail.

Getting There

Birdhouse Coffee is located out in ‘tobacco country,’ so you will need a car to get there. To those local to Connecticut or New England, the Connecticut River Valley was once famously known for tobacco production!

Since I’m in Southern Connecticut, I always find it easy to come up U.S. Route 5 from I-84. Route 5 is easily accessible from I-291 or I-84. Coming from the north, you can pick up U.S. Route 5 from I-91.

Off of U.S. Route 5, turn onto Connecticut Route 194 (Sullivan Ave) and you will find Birdhouse Coffee.

Birdhouse Coffee shares a parking lot with Connecticut Valley Brewing Company. Note, if you go on a weekend, you may be parking by the street. This is where my wife and I had to park when we came in on a Sunday afternoon.

birdhouse coffee sign.


This chic shop will not disappoint. Boasting a modern look, Birdhouse Coffee is a great place to relax with friends and family. There was a great combination of families (I wasn’t the only one with a little one) and those looking to get some weekend work done.

birdhouse coffee tables.

Be prepared to see a lot of bird-related items. My sister is a HUGE bird fan, so I was sure to pass along this coffee shop for her knowledge.

Being conveniently connected to the brewery, it is the perfect date spot for her boyfriend and her. She can admire all of the birdhouses, bird cups, and bird merchandise while he enjoys a great beer from Connecticut Valley Brewing Company.

comfy chairs and hanging lights.

Although the shop does have a common door into the brewery, the coffee shop remains relatively quiet. It makes for a great meet up if you want to catch up with friends or if you want to get some work done at a new place.


Being almost 100 degrees on the day I visited, I had to get a cold brew coffee. This incredible cup of delicious cold brew is exactly what I needed to cool down from the heat.

I absolutely love how Birdhouse Coffee pays careful attention to brewing the roasts. Unlike a lot of places I have been to lately, the coffee went down smooth and was not burnt.

iced coffee.

The shop also has a number of other excellent roasts and styles to choose from if cold brew isn’t your thing. Some of the local favorites include Dirty Chai Latte, Lavender Matcha, and Cinnamon Roll Latte.

Don’t forget to add some extras to your coffee. Birdhouse even offers CBD to be added. I haven’t seen this in any of my local spots.

Birdhouse Coffee also offers teas and lemonades.


Birdhouse also has a broad array of baked goods and food options. If you are there for breakfast or brunch, you can dine on small handhelds to full breakfasts. The options include daily pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and a full ‘Brewer’s Plate’ (two eggs, home fries, and bacon).

The menu expands dramatically if you stick around for lunch or dinner (starting after 12 noon). You will find everything from shareable menu items to handhelds.

baked goods in display case.

Why Visit

Between great coffee, great food, and great vibes, Birdhouse is the place to be day and night. With a wide range of hours and ample seating inside and out, Birdhouse is supportive of casual meet ups to daily work grinds. Give them a shot and take some coffee and merchandise to go!

FAQs about Birdhouse Coffee

What is Birdhouse Coffee?

Birdhouse is a shop in South Windsor CT that offers coffee and more. They offer small batch roasts along with teas, lemonades, baked goods, and full meals.

How do I get there?

The shop is located at 765 Sullivan Ave in South Windsor, Connecticut. You can get there from U.S. Route 5 from I-291, I-84, or I-91.

What are the operating hours?

You can stop in Monday through Friday from 7am to 9pm. It opens on the weekends at 8am and closes at 9pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday.


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