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Bigelow Hollow State Park CT

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Looking for a great hiking trail in northeastern Connecticut? Check out Bigelow Hollow State Park in Union, CT! This Connecticut State Park borders the Nipmuck State Forest and Massachusetts. In fact, you can hike right into Massachusetts from this park!

breakneck pond loop.

Getting There

Bigelow Hollow State Park is located in Union, Connecticut. Union is in the northeastern corner of Connecticut. The park can be reached by taking I-84. You can either take Exit 73 or 74. Once you get off the highway, follow Route 190 east to Route 171 east to the park entrance.

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If you’re from out of state, you’ll have to pay parking fees to get into the park. Connecticut registered vehicles can enter the park for free!

Once you enter the park, there are a couple places you can park, depending on what you’re looking to do. There are two ponds within the park. Closest to the entrance is Bigelow Pond. There are various parking areas around this pond.

If you continue down Bigelow Brook Rd, you’ll reach Mashapaug Pond. There’s one parking area by this pond and a boat launch.

Things To Do at Bigelow Hollow State Park

There’s plenty to do at this beautiful Connecticut state park. Whether you’re looking to hike, fish, swim, boat, or just have a picnic in nature, this park has something for you! There are plenty of recreation opportunities in this large Connecticut state park!


This state park is a popular spot to go hiking! This park is a great place to experience the beauty that the northeastern part of Connecticut has to offer. This area is one of the largest unbroken forest areas in Eastern Connecticut and there are various trails to explore.

As you hike, you can expect to see dense woodlands, ponds, and even some streams as you trek along the trails. One of the most popular trails to hike is the Breakneck Pond Loop Trail, which is 6 miles long. Another popular trail is the Mashapaug Pond View Trail, which is 5.2 miles long.

pond along breakneck loop.

When I went, I also saw a ton of mushrooms, some which I had never seen before! If you’re into foraging or just into checking out cool fungi, there’s plenty to see at Bigelow Hollow State Park!

mushroom on the ground.

Not only is there plenty to see as you hike, but you can also hike into Massachusetts! The Breakneck Pond Loop Trail will take you across the border. Be sure to get a picture with the state line marker! The trail continues into Massachusetts and connects to more marked trails.

connecticut massachusetts border.


Another popular thing to do at Bigelow Hollow is picnicking! There are several picnic areas scattered throughout the park. There are two different picnic areas around Bigelow Pond near the entrance of the park. There’s another picnic area by Mashapaug Pond.

Pond Fishing

Another popular outdoor activity to do at Bigelow Hollow State Park is fishing! There are a variety of warm water species you can fish for in the ponds. Some fish you can expect to catch are pumpkinseeds, trout, bass, crappies, bluegills, and perch.

breakneck pond.


Bigelow Hollow State Park is also a popular place to go boating! There are two different boat launches located within this state park. There is a boat launch at Bigelow Pond and another boat launch at Mashapaug Pond.

bigelow hollow state park.

The boat launches are open year-round. Use of internal combustion engines are prohibited in the Bigelow Pond, but it’s a great place to kayak. Internal combustion engines are allowed in Mashapaug Pond with a 10 MPH speed limit.

Why Visit Bigelow Hollow State Park

If you’re looking for a large state park with various recreation opportunities, this park in northeastern Connecticut has you covered! It has plenty to do for its many visitors year-round. It’s a great spot to get out in nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim at Bigelow Hollow?

Yes, you can swim at Bigelow Hollow State Park! There are several ponds you can swim at within the park.

What wish are in Bigelow Hollow?

Trout, pumpkinseeds, bass, perch, crappies, carp, pickerel, and pike can be caught at Bigelow Hollow State Park.


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