Beavertail State Park RI

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Looking for a beautiful spot to enjoy the Southern New England coastline? Take a trip to Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, Rhode Island! This park offers some of the best coastal views in Rhode Island!

rocky coastline in RI.

Beavertail is truly one of my favorite parks in Rhode Island. This park is great to visit year-round. It has been one of my go-to spots when I just want to enjoy the ocean.

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My favorite thing about this park is the amazing views you get of the rocky coastline. I could sit and watch the waves here for hours.

girl posing in rock hole at beavertail state park.

The drive to Beavertail State Park

This beautiful park is on the southern end of Conanicut Island. This island is right between the mainland and the island that Newport is on. To get onto this island, you’ll take the RI-138 and go over the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge.

On your way to the park, you’ll drive by a historic windmill and beautiful Mackerel Cove. The drive down the island really is quite beautiful. Once you drive by Mackerel Cove, continue down Beavertail Road. This road will take you right into the park.

When you enter Beavertail State Park, it is a one way road that loops around the point. There are various parking lots along the road that loops around. The first one takes you to a hiking trail which will take you to the point.

If you’re not looking to hike and you’re looking for easy access to views without the hike, continue past this first lot to the tip of the point where the lighthouse is. This is the most popular spot to park in the park.

Things to do in Beavertail State Park RI

There are various things to do within this beautiful park. Whether you’re looking to do something recreational, enjoy the shoreline, or enjoy nature, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Visit the lighthouse

One highlight of this park besides its beauty is the Beavertail Lighthouse. This scenic lighthouse is the third oldest lighthouse to be built in Colonial America. This beautiful lighthouse is loved by many.

beavertail lighthouse museum.
Beavertail Lighthouse Museum.

Go for a hike

Beavertail State Park has hiking trails with amazing views! The hiking trails aren’t difficult, but the views are absolutely gorgeous! You can choose to stay on the grass trails, or you can go down closer to the water to walk along the rocky coast.

rocky coastline along narragansett bay.
Views of the rocky coastline and Narragansett Bay from one of the beautiful vistas.

There is one main path that takes you around the entire point where the park sits. Along this trail, there are paths that will take you down closer to the water. You can also take a nice paved walking path that goes around the area where the lighthouse is.

There are various tide pools along the shore. There are various paths off of the main path that will take you down to the water to enjoy them.

You get great views from everywhere so there isn’t any bad place to start! Sometimes, I go where the grass hasn’t been well maintained, so I recommend long pants if you’re going to take the grassy paths. And, always be sure to check yourself for ticks afterwards!

Go fishing

Another great thing to do here is to go fishing! Beavertail State Park has some of the best saltwater fishing in the area. Some fish you can expect to catch here are stripers and bluefish, especially during the heat of the summer. The waves can get pretty big, so be mindful of weather if you’re planning to go fishing!

wave swell off the coast of beavertail state park.
Large swell off the coast of Beavertail State Park on a windy day. Swells like this make Beavertail one of the most dangerous spots to fish in Rhode Island.

Go bird watching

Another great thing to do here is to go bird watching. You can enjoy watching the coastal birds of Rhode Island as you walk along the shoreline. Some birds I’ve seen here are Cormorants, Black Scoters, Harlequin Ducks, Purple Sandpipers, and of course, Sea Gulls.

comorant bird on rock overlooking water.

Watch the sunset

What’s better than watching a sunset by the water? You can enjoy the sunset sitting on the rocky shoreline, or you can watch it right from your car in the parking lot!

sunset over water at beavertail state park.

Why you should visit Beavertail State Park

This Rhode Island state park has so much to offer! Whether you’re into history, nature, fishing, or wildlife, there’s really something for everyone to enjoy at this beautiful park!

As I mentioned before, this is truly one of my favorite parks. Even though this park is just over an hour away from where I live, it’s always worth the trip.

If you’re like me and you don’t enjoy crowds, I’d recommend visiting this park in the colder months. This is when you’ll really be able to enjoy the beauty of the park uninterrupted. Be sure to bundle up though because it gets pretty chilly on the coast!


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You can also get more information on Beavertail State Park in RI on the official website for Rhode Island State Parks.

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