B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill

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Looking for something to do this fall in Connecticut? B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill is a must-visit starting in September every fall! This small New England cider mill has plenty to offer. From wine tasting, cider tasting, and donuts, there’s something for everyone at this family-friendly spot!

bf clydes cider mill sign.

About The Cider Mill

This rustic New England cider mill has a lot of history attached to it. B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill is the oldest steam powered cider mill in the United States! This family owned business is truly a piece of living history.

At Clyde’s, they offer cider-making demonstrations. Take a step back in time and watch the last steam-powered press in the U.S. in action. Just note, they only press as needed. But, you can always take a peek inside the mill building even when there aren’t demonstrations.

inside the cider mill.

Getting to Clyde’s Cider Mill

Clyde’s is conveniently located near Foxwoods, I-95, Olde Mistick Village, and the beaches.

From I-95 or Olde Mistick Village, take CT 27 to Old Mystic. At the intersection of CT 27 and Main Street, bear right onto Main Street. For a landmark, you will notice the Old Mystic Country Store on the corner. Stay on North Stonington Road and Clyde’s will be on your left (stay right at the intersection with Lantern Hill Road). Be aware, you may have to park as far back as the intersection with Lantern Hill Road during popular visiting days.

If I-95 is ever backed up with beach or other local traffic, CT 184 serves as a good backup. You can pick up CT 184 in Groton after crossing the Gold Star Bridge. Coming from RI, you can pick up 184 by getting off of the Route 2 exit in Stonington. You can also pick up 184 when you first cross into CT.

Coming from Foxwoods, the easiest way is to follow Lantern Hill Road all the way to Clydes. You can find Lantern Hill Road to the south of Foxwoods off of 214 by the Cedar Parking garage. Otherwise, if you prefer to stick to the main roads, you can take Route 2 East to the intersection of 201. You can follow 201 all the way down to Clydes.

bf clydes cider mill.

Things to Do

There’s plenty to do at B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill. This popular fall destination has something for everyone in your family!

The Main Store

Be sure to make your trip worthwhile and stock up at the Main Store. This is where you can get a fresh apple cider donut and cider slushie. The entrance to the store typically has the baked goods displayed (pumpkin bread, pastries, etc). The line inside weaves through canned goods and other bottles of hard cider and maple syrup.

outside store building.

In addition, the general store features a lot of canned and bottled goods to take home. Since I moved an hour away from Clyde’s, I always stock up on their hard cider, apple butter, pumpkin butter, salad dressing, and more. You are most likely going to be waiting in line for your cider and donut anyway, why not buy some of their goods?

The pumpkin butter is a personal thing for me. I eat it with animal crackers. Something my grandmother always did with me during the fall that I can’t seem to grow out of as an adult! She got me hooked on Clyde’s pumpkin butter early on, and now I am getting my wife hooked on it as she becomes local to CT.

clydes cider mill store.

You have made it to the front of the line, time to get the good stuff! Hands down, their apple cider is the best around and their apple cider donuts are also amazing.

Be sure to get some fresh cider. On those colder, fall days, a hot cider really hits the spot. If you go early in the season, a cold cider or apple cider slushie are the way to go.

The apple dumplings and apple turnover are also very good. I tend to get a few of these (especially on days where I did some extra running ahead of time)!

menu with food and drinks available at clydes.

If you go to Clyde’s, be sure to put your apple cider donut atop your cider. Nobody will shame you for being a tourist, this is just what you do at Clyde’s. Enjoy!

Be careful enjoying your donuts and cider outside. The bees like the sweetness of the apples and may try and get in on all of the sweetness.

cider donut and cider in front of bf clydes cider sign.

The Cellar at Clydes

To those hard cider fans, The Cellar is the place to be. After all, who doesn’t like free hard ciders? Note, The Cellar is now open seven days a week (yay)!

the celler at clydes sign.

The Cellar features all of the hard ciders that the steam powered cider mill produces on site. If you went into the store or stopped by the Grist Mill first, you will notice that he hard ciders share many of the same labels as the wines. This is because the flavors of the shared labels is the same, one is just filtered differently to be a wine versus a cider.

hard cider growler.

The Grist Mill

To the wine lovers out there, the Grist Mill is the place to be. This is where I find myself decompressing after a long week at work. There is a wide variety of apple wines that you can taste for free before stocking up some bottles to go!

grist mill.

What I enjoy about the Grist Mill is the experience. The server at the Grist Mill is a Clyde’s veteran who is happy to help and make it a personable experience. I found out she went to high school with my father (after she IDed me, of course!)

bf clydes cider mill free wine tasting.

I regularly stock up on the apple wines at Clyde’s and break them out for guests during this time of the year. They truly are a great addition to a dinner by the fire as the weather gets cooler in New England.

The Grist Mill is also going to be your location where you buy any merchandise (and break out your inner tourist or show a love for your local culture).

grist mill shopping.

Boozy Slushies

Becoming popular at cideries, wineries, and the like are boozy slushies. And they hit the spot during the early part of September when the weather can still be warm.

booze slushies sign.

These slushies are sweet, cool, and give you just the right amount of buzz to either wind down from a long day or get ready for a night on the town in Mystic.

Grab a drink with your friend and stay awhile! If you are lucky, you will be around to enjoy your slushie with some live music. Don’t drink it too quick or you will give yourself a brain freeze!

clydes wine slushie.

Why Visit Clyde’s Cider Mill

Conveniently located a short drive from downtown Mystic, Clyde’s is a great place to add to your Mystic itinerary. From their donuts to apple pies to ciders and wines, Clyde’s has something for everyone.

The mill is a family-owned business nestled quietly away. It will help you step back in time and enjoy something that has been perfected over generations.

Be sure to get to Clyde’s while they are open for the fall season! And get there during the earlier months of the season to watch the steam powered mill work its magic! It is truly a sight to see.


Who owns Clyde’s Cider Mill?

Clyde’s Cider Mill has been family owned since it first opened in 1881.

Can I bring my dog to Clyde’s Cider Mill?

Yes. However, make sure your dog is leashed, okay with other dogs and people, and bring bags to clean up after your dog.

When does Clyde’s Cider Mill close for the season?

Typically the cider mill closes the first week in December. But, it’s dependent on weather. Be sure to call ahead of your visit if you’re planning to go towards the end of the season to ensure they’re open.


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